Wyze V2 Doorbell not longer recording events or sending notifications

If you are still able to do exchange, do it. Then don’t upgrade the firmware to or newer.

See below link on how to workaround the force upgrade when setup the new doorbell

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I concur, at least until the fix that’s being tested makes it out of β and has positive reports following updates to production firmware here on the Forum.

Just want to add my name to the list of frustrated users. I have the v2 on the latest FW as of today. Every single day the camera will decide to stop recording events (SD card still works though) and will not deliver any notifications or VOIP calls. Only a restart fixes it. My WiFi 6 router is feet away and it has plenty of signal at 500 Mbps.

Wyze really does need to get this fixed, recalled, or refunded ASAP. Its completely useless as a doorbell, especially coupled with the fact that they will not make an indoor chime for it and only make “OG” cams act as chimes when any camera could easily do it, even with a manageable delay.

The only way I know someone is at my door is when my Google Home detects that an unused Wyze Plug changes state due to a doorbell pressed rule. Its embarrassing, especially when I upgraded to $100 cam unlimited for this.

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Any feedback from anyone on the beta yet?

I downloaded the beta, been pretty crazy around here so I have not had time to extensively test it.
But so far it looks good in that I regularly get notifications from the doorbell, something I had not seen in months


The beta firmware has resolved this issue for me as well.


The July 1st Beta still didn’t resolve doorbell press event and notifications for me… It is still inconsistent… sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t.

I’m sick of waiting. I just took this down and put a wired google nest up. I got one brand new on ebay for 60 bucks. Already a million times better. I had the OG Google Nest doorbell that was still working (this is what I replaced w/ the nest v2) - but the notifications got so bad it would take 30sec to a minute to know someone rang the doorbell and it often took forever to display video.

The new Nest Wired has none of these issues and I’m back to super reliable people detection… and… this is crazy… MY LINKED DEVICES RING WHEN SOMEONE PUSHES THE DOORBELL!!!

The google integration with wyze is/has been broken. And no matter how many times I disconnect/reconnect, disable/re-enable or setup custom routines - I never get alerts thru alexa. Throwing this in the trash. If you are considering a V2 doorbell… save yourself miles of frustration and DONT. PS Support is utterly useless I gave up on them too.

What is the version of this beta firmware please? is it

The Beta. It did not seem to resolve the bell press notifications… I still get random behavior.

Wyze announced a new firmware update for the doorbell v2 yesterday. To those of you who were experiencing the missed / unrecorded events, did this fix your issue?

No, it is the same version as the beta they released July 1st. I still only get random doorbell press notifications, not consistent.

Update, if the new firmware didn’t fix it for you, submit a log and tag WyzeJasonJ with the log number so he can send it to the devs:

Thanks. I believe the main issue that most of us had been dealing with was primarily that there was no event captured. Events trigger the notifications. Clearly no notifications if we can’t get the events to begin with. I’m not on the latest firmware nor will I be until this is resolved.

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I’m confused, they said the new firmware is supposed to fix the issue, but if someone refuses to update to the new firmware while it’s not working for them then they’ll definitely continue to have the issue, so refusing to update to the fix until it’s fixed, means it will never get fixed. :thinking:

I see that some past comments indicate a belief that the issue was a server-side change. Let’s assume that is the case (I don’t know if it really was or not, but we’ll assume it was to make this an easier discussion). That doesn’t mean that the fix doesn’t still require a firmware update.

For example, let’s say the camera firmware tells the camera to connect to the server in a specific way, but Wyze then changes servers or moves it or updates the protocol in some way and it turns out that the camera firmware doesn’t have the necessary code in it to accommodate the new changes. It absolutely could be required to receive a firmware update to accommodate the new server-side protocols/changes/security. Thus, in this situation, even if the instigating event was originally related to a server side change (which, I don’t know if this was the case), if a user refuses to update to the new firmware, their device may never work until they do so, and the company may refuse to revert the server back to the previous way it was doing things if it had a critical security update they can’t risk undoing.

I can only say that my VDBv2 units are working well on the new firmware and that I am getting events and getting notifications. :man_shrugging:

Since Wyze is only asking for logs and reports from those who load the new firmware and still have problems, we can assume they have no intention to consider fixing the issue for anyone who chooses to stay on the old firmware. I have not heard of any known efforts to attempt to fix the problem while letting people stay on old firmware, so it sounds pretty guaranteed that anyone staying on the older firmware will for sure continue to experience the problem and should expect that no fix is ever coming because they are only working on things going forward, not doing reversions that may introduce other problems/bugs or security concerns they wouldn’t discuss publicly.

Of course, I don’t work for, speak for, or represent Wyze in any capacity. I am just logically deducing the above based on the official statements they have released about their efforts to resolve the issue and can only report that the updated firmware has resolved the issue for me. I am getting cloud events (and SD Card) and notifications on the new firmware.

But for anyone who does have the new firmware and is still having the issue, please submit a log and tag Jason so we can make Wyze fix the issue for you too before they close it and assume that primarily only people with the old firmware still have the issue. I’d prefer they leave this open until there is a confirmed available fix for everyone.

This is my perspective on the issue: I last upgraded my Video Doorbell v2 in January with the firmware update. Wyze released firmware in April, and that’s when I began seeing reports on the Forum regarding the notifications issue. Wyze released firmware in May which was supposed to fix that issue, but users continued to report the problem after that update. Now we have firmware which is supposed to fix a basic feature that Wyze broke two firmware updates ago.

Since I haven’t personally experienced the problem myself, I’m granting a measure of trust to other users who reportedly have and allowing them to be the canaries in the coal mine until I feel I have reasonable assurance that I’m not going to be taking on a new problem by applying a “fix” to a product that’s currently working as expected.

We can definitely agree on that.




Same here. I am not going be their guinea pig. If the latest firmware doesn’t work, there is no way to rollback the update.


That’s fair, though you are not experiencing the issue, so whether you upgrade or not shouldn’t make much difference related to whether the firmware fixes the issue since you aren’t experiencing it.

However, if you are experiencing the issue, it’s unlikely to make things much worse than getting no events and no notifications. The worst I’ve seen is someone reporting no change when they tried it during Beta, though it obviously did fix it for enough others to launch out of Beta to Public.

So it seems like the choices are stay with the old firmware and 100% keep having a device that doesn’t work (no events and no notifications), or upgrade to the new firmware that is supposed to fix it for most people, and the worst case scenario reported so far is that someone had no change, but I don’t see reports of something worse happening. So from that perspective it feels to me like a no-brainer when the first option is to guaranteed have a device that still doesn’t work. :thinking:

That is why I am confused. I understand waiting to upgrade firmware when your device is already working perfectly how you want it, but if it isn’t working, and nobody reported worse affects from the new firmware, but some report that it solves it, why hesitate? It’s already not working anyway. Even if it does make it worse, it’s still within the 1 year warranty period. Obviously other people have devices that are fully functioning correctly, so at worst they could replace it and see if that solves it.

Well I finally got brave enough to update the firmware on one of my version 2 doorbells that I was having all sorts of problems with. And it has been working very good so far since I installed the firmware when it came out. I don’t know what to tell you folks if you should do it or you shouldn’t do it. I still have one that I haven’t updated it since 8444 firmware.


Just bought this doorbell and I’m getting really tired of every single Wyze device struggling and failing to work with Alexa. They are always disconnecting or Alexa says its not responding. Honestly, I see why these devices are so cheap. Because they are extremely unreliable and I don’t think I’ll ever purchase another Wyze device.