Wyze v2 base station and apple airport express

I have a Wyze v2 base station and I want to increase the WiFi signal. I have an Apple Airport Extreme, that I put on the same network as the Wyze v2 base station. I have an android phone. I downloaded a WiFi Analyzer, but I don’t see a way to turn off the Apple Airport Extreme as a router, to switch it to a WiFi signal extender. Can someone give me detailed instructions on how to do this? Thanks.

I don’t have an Apple AirPort Express, but a quick search online indicates that this is not possible if your main router is not also an Apple one. You can find more details online. I just searched for “Apple AirPort Express as WiFi extender”

Do note that this community is for Wyze, but you may find users willing to help out with your Apple router

It took many hours but I finally got the Extreme to increase Wyze base station range. I have an android phone so I couldn’t download Apple’s app, but I could on my computer. So, it’s working.

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BTW, I don’t have any Apple products, except the Extreme. My main router is Eero Pro 6. I shut off Apple Extreme as a router. Now it acts as Wifi extender for my Wyze v2 base station.

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