Wyze use of Amazon for backend

Ran across an Amazon customer profile of Wyze and how they manage the back end functions: video ingestion, machine learning, streaming, IoT management, etc.

Also went rooting around and discovered how inexpensive these services are – serious margins on Cam Plus so no wonder why they’re pushing it.

Maybe that will help them focus back on what got them going and away from oddities like the hand held vacuum.


This is interesting stuff.

But no, they won’t move away from non-smart devices like the handheld vacuum. They addressed this in their Ask Me Anything Webinar last fall. Their mission statement and intended industry is not about cams, smart home or IOT at all. They very much intend to branch out into any possible product or service with high margins and offer those products or services at competitive and lower margins.

They also have said that for a while they have to steer away from IOT stuff in general because of the global silicon shortage preventing access to microchips that they’d need. So for a while they are going to start offering a bunch of products that don’t rely on microchips or connectivity in any way. They don’t have a lot of options if they want to survive as a business that deals in low margins with high volume, and even if they did have the option their mission statement is not built on a vertical model of only a couple products, but is built on a horizontal model where they will branch out everywhere they reasonably can.

Basically, all I’m saying is that if you are hoping they will go back to just cams, or just smart home devices as their main focus, they’ve already clearly said repeatedly that is not going to happen. They aren’t binding themselves into any vertical market. That is not their vision for the company.