Wyze tstat Y1 issue

I have a hot air furnace that has R, Y, W, G, C terminals , there is a 5 conductor tstat wire going to the thermostat. I wired according to Wyze app.
I do not have an AC unit. With that said no AC wiring to furnace. When I did the initial Wyze tstat startup, it tells me I have no Y1 wire connection, I assume this is do to no AC unit. Can I jumper something so that the Wyze tstat thinks I have an AC unit and Y1 wire is connected?
Or am out of luck and not able to use Wyze tstat ?

Reset the thermostat by holding on the button for 15 seconds or so tell it you only have r,w,g,c and make sure those wires are connected at the furnace. Also don’t use the adapter, it is not needed.

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Hey thanks for your help, reset as u said and seems to work great.
I have the Wyze tstat in my shop. That’s why no AC. I wanted to be able to monitor temperature if I’m away, and also be able to adjust temp from anywhere.
I would like to be able to set temperature down to 40 degrees when I’m not in the shop , I normally only heat to 50 degrees, but unfortunately I guess that’s not an option.
Great help on these forums

I’m glad it worked out for you. There are still bugs to be worked out of this stat like temp swing and others I wish they would have let me beta test this. Since that’s what I seem to be doing anyway :slightly_smiling_face:

To set heat lower than 50, set the safety temp to whatever temp you’d like to hold in advanced settings, and turn off the heat in the wyze app. It will prevent the temp from dropping below the safety. Then when you want it to be warmer in there, just turn the heat back on and it will warm up and be ready for you.

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Cool work around.

Wow, I just saw the advance settings answer on another topic.
You guys are great
Thanks guys

There’s also the option of using the temperature correction if the safety feature doesn’t work, although it would mean having to calculate the true temperature in your head for normal use.

Hopefully, wyze just changes the programming, allowing people to use their thermostats their way… there is a request for this feature here: Wyze Thermostat: Lower the minimum temperature setting limit (currently 50F)