Wyze timer no longer turning lights off

I have three wyze bulbs that I turn on and set to turn off in the morning using the timer. For the past 3 mornings, I’ve notice the timer has counted down but not turned the lights off.

I also have 2 wyze color bulbs and when I try to use the timer to schedule a countdown, I get a “firmware upgrade is required to use this feature”, message. However, there are no firmware upgrades available when I check for one.

Anybody else having these problems with their bulbs?

Additionally, none of my wyze cams will upgrade to the newest firmware…they all fail, time after time, after time!

I’m really getting sick and tired of all these problems with wyze. It goes from bad to worse and at this point, I’m gonna be getting rid of the entire system for something more reliable!

NOTE: I am a community member like you and am not a Wyze employee.

I just tested and it is working as expected for me. However, I am testing the Beta Version of the app and Firmware.

My Android App Version is: 2.24.41
My iOS App Version is: 2.24.41 (3)

Wyze Color Bulb version:
Wyze regular Bulb version:

I have a rule setup for some bulbs that turns them on 1 hour before sunset and turns them off at 11:30pm. Is that how you setup your lights? Mine is working correctly.