Wyze thermostat with zone valves in a hot-water baseboard heat system

I too have a boiler, with only three wires. Connected to Red to RC, White to W1 and Blue to C.
Wyze powers up on the thermostat, but like mike-mike had mentioned, in continually clicks on and off, showing the Wyze logo. each time it powers on. Was there any resolution to this?

Someone suggested it’s a voltage drop when the zone valve opens that causes the thermostat to keep rebooting. I can’t really take the boiler offline for too long this time of year, nor fool with the boiler’s system, troubleshooting.

Now that I’ve learned you can power the thermostat by running just thermostat power to the Wyze Rc and C terminals (separately from the Rh and W Wyze terminals connected to the zone valves), I see two options. One - wire the Rc and C Wyze terminals directly to the boiler’s transformer. This would put thermostat power in parallel to the zone valve power. Instead of in series. Hopefully that will keep steady current to the thermostat. Two - suggested I get a bigger thermostat. I’d rather not unless there’s no choice.

But all that means I have to run 4 conductor wire - I’ve got 3 conductor only. So… I’ll get around to it, but have to be ready either start and finish or to bail in a reasonable time. Cold outside.

Boilers and zone valves really don’t seem to have been thought through by the Wyze designers and testers. Separately powering the Wyze unit isn’t discussed in the documentation.

This is SO helpful. I just dont see myself running the fourth wire, it is just all a matter of picking which project to do and the basket is full.
I will check on last thing before giving up, will take a look at the transformer board that lights up when the control module is told to turn on when the Tstat is turning on. if it is truning off shortly after that it makes sense that the next movement is the zone valve opening up and causing a voltage drop. Super helpful. will let you know what i see

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