Wyze thermostat temperature overshoot

Why is this even needed. The device should know the temp. I expectmy stove to work the same way.

Hold > Schedule > Preference

Motion (Home) > Away


Stoves need periodic recalibration as well. But a couple of degrees of deviation at 400 degrees is not as impactful as the same couple of degrees at 70 degrees :slight_smile:

I’m personally going with that Wyze chose to use cheap thermometers in order to save money. As long as the delta is accurate, the calibration point can be variable. And after I configured a -2 deviation, it’s been accurate so far.

I am in south Florida and having the same overshoot issue but in Cool mode. If it is set to 72, it waits till 74 to start, then stays on till it reaches 71. It’s not a matter of shifting the range but rather tightening it. Needs firmware fix. Soon!

Has anyone played with the Setting, Behavior to see if that changes the overshoot? Possibly all the way to comfort would have less swing but be less efficient. Savings would be more efficient but have a wider overshoot.

Yes some other dude did that on this forum. He made a graph and all. No change from comfort vs energy savings. Here is the link graph

Hey everyone, I turned mine to max comfort and it behaves a lot more like a dumb thermostat now

:rofl: … not sure why that made me laugh

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Not dumb enough for my tastes! :smiley: It still pumps heat for too long so the bedrooms get sweltering at night! :open_mouth:

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Agreed, they need to have a timer that if it’s at x temp, wait 2 or 3 mins before turning on since these things are so sensitive

In “advanced settings” you can setup “fan settings” to minimum time it will run per hour. Longer times means it’s more energy efficient and savings. Mine is set to 20 min per hour minimum.

I also turned on the option “coast to cool”, also in advanced settings, it’s probably a hood idea to do that, not only for the savings but I think it would not overshoot the temperature!

I have had issues with Coast to Cool and currently leave it off. What I’ve been seeing happen is it will work with heat as well as AC. With heat, it shuts off the heat a few minutes early but then doesn’t have enough warm air in the system to reach the set point so kicks in the furnace again.

@Chuan Would you have any information on the choice of hysteresis and whether a “tighter loop” is in the foreseeable future? If the Wyze thermometer, as I experience now, has at minimum a five to six degree difference between turning heat on and off, it will not be useful for me because it’s just too uncomfortable :slight_smile:

Set it to max comfort, it settled mine down a lot

It makes virtually no difference here, it’s set to 70 and 72 at night, but I see temperatures between 68 before it turns on and up to 75 after it turns off.

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I have the exact same issue. 2 thermostats. The OEM thermostats did not do this. A bit disappointing.

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I’m also having the issue of the thermostat overshooting the set temperature in heat mode. It’s really not working well.
Also, anyone else notice that as soon as the heater kicks on, the current temperature displayed in the app drops by 2-3 degrees? For example, say I set my thermostat to 68 degrees, when the displayed temperature goes to 67 the thermostat calls for heat. As soon as the heater kicks on and there is airflow, the temperature displayed will show that the temperature is like 64 or 65(or some other value other than 67 that is showed previously) and is heating to 68 degrees in x minutes?

I have seen the temperature drop as well when the heater (finally!) turns on. So on top of that it already is one degree under what I have set it to, the temperature is actually dropping below that. My thermostat is not near a vent, so it really seems to be some cold(er) air that is apparently present and that gets moved around by the heater’s fan turning on.

I just wanted to add my voice to the discussion. I too am seeing temperature drops of 2 degrees below the set temperature before my furnace cycles and often 1 to 2 degrees beyond the set temperature before it turns off. I’ve tried changing the comfort settings and tried different temperature settings to no avail. I did email support about the issue but have yet to hear back after a few days now.

As far as we can tell, behavior is only adjusting the temperature preferences right now. Differential Temp, which controls the temp difference before the system is activate, is currently hidden from the app while they sort out some bugs with changing it. In the mean time it appears the default is 2-3 degrees below your set point.

I’m unsure if this difference also applies to how far above the set point it will go as well. It’s also possible the overshoot IS the bug they are sorting out with it.