Wyze Thermostat switches to stage 2 (electric) heat constantly

Testing has the proper sequence - stage 1 heat - geothermal, comes on and functions normally, then next stage 2 heat (electric) comes on, and then cooling.
But when I have it running a schedule, it decides to forgo the geothermal quickly, and switches to stage 2 electric heat.
But if I put it back in testing mode, it still kicks on the stage 1 heat and it keeps running perfectly.
Is there some condition that has the thermostat decide it is not getting enough heat in stage 1? And pursues second stage in vain?
The stage 2 is really intended for emergency use if the geothermal system is strained beyond capacity.

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Do you have the wyze in max comfort or max saving modes? I think max comfort turns on stage 2 more often.

It would be nice to get a list of exactly what that setting does, if you’re listening, wyze.


I left it in whatever the default mode is a I don’t comprehend what the differences were.
I am very comfortable saving,…
And I’ve now un-installed the Wyze Thermostat and put the old one back, as we needed heat and getting cold while I experimented or waited for responses was not conducive to happy family.

It may also indicate a constraint or a previously undiscovered feature of our furnace in that it only runs electric heat for so long before it cuts it off. I presume last centuries version of comfort vs savings…

Thanks for the response. I will experiment some more when it is not a freezing night or day.


I have a similar issue. My previous thermostat only used Heat 2 if it needed to do a temperature increase greater than 2 degrees. The Wyze thermostat rarely starts at Heat 1 and almost always uses Heat 2 which makes for greater temperature swings and less fan run time. I prefer to have the fan run longer to help circulate the air in house.
I’m not a fan of the vague Wyze “Behavior” settings without understanding how they affect the operation of the furnace.
I’m going to try setting up the thermostat again and disconnect Heat 2. In my house, it was never used by the previous thermostat.