Wyze thermostat stopped operating fireplace

My Wyze thermostats (I have two of them) are installed to operate their respective fireplaces. Both have functioned as expected since installed on October 13. Recently, I felt like one of the fireplaces was not coming on as often as it had been. I also noticed that the thermostat indicated it was heating, but the fireplace was not on.

The pilot on the fireplace is lit. I have checked, and all wires are still securely connected. The thermostat itself is doing what it is supposed to and saying that it needs to heat, but it is no longer turning the fireplace on.

I took that thermostat and put it on the other fireplace and it worked so I have narrowed it to (1) wiring or (2) the thermostat base.

I really don’t want to pull the bases and switch them to find out, but if that is the next step, I will.


To test the wiring, carefully unplug W1 and R and connect them together. The controlled item should turn on if it is wired properly. Do not allow either of them to come into contact with C.

Thank you. The fireplace did not ignite. So I guess I have a bigger problem than my thermostat. :tired_face:

Time to call a technician,…