Wyze Thermostat - Smart home heating & cooling

@WyzeTeam Please I want to be part of the testing too. Wyze Thermostat is something I’m looking forward to

They usually get the testers from the people who have signed up and filled out the form for hardware testing. I have attached the link to sign up for testing, Software is listed at the top and the form for hardware is lower on the page. Just a not currently Facebook is required to be a hardware tester.


Honestly a basic device that is connected to this ecosystem that can run basic schedules and allows local control on integrated control touchpad would be amazing.


My house has no C Wires. You can buy on Amazon a 24 V transformer specially designed for this situations. My cobee 3 Lite works perfectly with it.

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I know HVAC thermostats might be more complicated than security cameras, door and motion sensors. But I was thinking about attaching Wyze door sensors to my windows to let me know when these were open or closed. Then I was thinking that it would be cool (literally) if I could link those to a thermostat. This way if the windows -and exterior doors- were opened and stayed open for 8 minutes I could have a rule that would turn the central A/C off.

Of course, I was thinking a few steps ahead and have automated windows that would close when they A/C was turned on.

PS: Are rules kept local on my phone or on the device OR are they kept on Wyze servers?


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Rules are stored on the server. That way, if the app ever needs to be reinstalled or you install it on a new phone, the rules (and other features of your account) are preserved. Also, when a trigger occurs, the rule is processed on the server and your phone does not need to be online with the Wyze app open.

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Hi @WyzeMike,

Can I request an integration between Wyze and Hubitat Elevation HA system? I already have Open/Close sensors on my doors/windows. And I like the line of thought @wecarealot has. The thing is that I and a lot of power DIY users on that platform have been doing this with Honeywell and Ecobee Thermostats for many years. It would be great if others and I could continue our HA with Wyze thermostat.

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Wondering where the timeline of this in-development is currently, Have fathers-day around the corner and wondering if I should be waiting on this to be released to alpha or beta and possibly test one of these or just go ahead any buy something like the Ecobee, which even if this does get released at least then I could have something to compare features with having both the alpha of this(if I am lucky) and a 5th stage production marketed device to compare with? Last I saw in the comments was early Q3 EA, has this changed with what is going on in the world?

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Great question! We are pushing ahead with development, but have had some delays with the whole lockdown. That said we are approaching our initial tests (will begin recruiting very soon!) and still plan to launch this year.


First, dibs on being in on the tests :slight_smile:

Any confirmation on whole house humidifier support? This is the make or break feature for me.


Awesome to hear!!!

good to hear @WyzeMike! will you be recruiting in this thread, EA or elsewhere? I just need to know where to keep my eyes peeled :slight_smile:

Please look up the Beta Tester sign up thread on Wyze community.

Hi @WyzeMike,

I am already signed up for Beta Tester. And am looking forward to seeing if I get picked.

Yes, I’m well aware, I’ve been a hardware tester for a long time now.

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Oh thank the lort! I have put off buying a smart thermostat for 18 months hoping you would come out with one. I just want to control my whole house through one app on my phone. This is great!


Wyze Thermostat picture!!! Wyze released a video yesterday showing the Wyze Thermostat, Video Doorbell, and Outdoor Camera!

Can’t wait!!

Here is the video from Wyze on YouTube: Pitch To Investors- Sneak Peak of Outdoor Camera, Video Doorbell, and Wyze Thermostat

Email From Wyze:

Ecobee design looks better. The round nub is not modern


If it has the same features as other thermostats but is less expensive it’s the best design on the planet.

Also, it should have a rule that can link the thermostat with the door sensors. That way I can attach sensors to the windows as well and if any opening is left open for 10 minutes the A/C will shut off. No reason to cool down the whole neighborhood… as dad likes to say.