Wyze Thermostat Schedule off time

Good Evening Forum,

I’m trying to figure out this thermostat and schedules. Is there a way to schedule the thermostat to just turn off when I am away? I don’t care what the house temps are when I am at work.

How do the blocks work does one block run (ie.6am) until the next block (ie.10pm)? or Each block just lasts an hour?

There is not a way to turn off the thermostat with the schedule but you can set it to the minimum heating and maximum cooling values.

The blocks hold those settings until the next block.

Actually, there is a way to turn off the thermostat – it’s just really poorly worded ATM. OFF turns off the thermostat, so in the rules it is labeled “Turn on off mode”.

Really poorly worded, lol.

Safety temps should apply after that: “Safety Temps works even if Wyze Thermostat is set to Off, or no temperature preference is scheduled”.