Wyze Thermostat - RSBus?

So, I have a Lennox furnace with an iComfort thermostat. It appears that this thermostat talks to the furnace over the RSBus protocol. Though at this point I’m not feeling optimistic, any chance that the Wyze thermostat speaks RSBus?

The connections on the furnace are R, i-, i+, C, where I assume that i+, i- are a signaling protocol.

If anyone knows for certain, please reply.

Thanks in advance.


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Same problem hoping for an answer

I checked with support and they reposted something from the FAQ, so at this point I’m 99% sure that the answer is NO. Having done research on RSBus I’ve concluded that it’s a proprietary Lennox protocol that only they support.

If I were more motivated, I might try reverse engineering it, but i don’t have that much spare time.