Wyze Thermostat not compatible

Sorry to said support just told me that my system is not compatible. This is bad news for the future. I was told " not compatible with Modulating equipment, such as Redlink, Comfortmaker, ClimateTalk."
I have a geothermal unit with variable compressor and fan. This is were the industry is going. I know Carrier and all other are already have units to meet energy reduction. This was not any in any literature from WYZE. The thing run the unit on high on all issues not the efficient way with a 2 degree temperature differential. Any engineer for heating and AC would have told them where the world was going.

None of the big brands proprietary smart modulating/communicating systems work with each other, They all use different protocols for communication, and don’t share the specifications with third parties. They want to lock you into their thermostat if you want to use the smart features. There’s nothing wyze could have done to support these systems, because the manufacturer of the system wont share the data needed to communicate with them.

I have a Climatemaster geothermal unit and I have a Honeywell Thermostat and it works right. My daughter has a carrier unit and is also using a Honeywell. These are big major brands

Honeywell is the company that makes all the communicating thermostats for those companies. Try finding a smart thermostat company like nest or ecobee that supports any of the communicating / modulating protocols.