Wyze Thermostat Install error - Extra wire

I think I clicked “Try Again” two or three times then eventually get the option to “Skip” or “Cancel”, then I click “Skip”. Then it takes you to system test screen.

I returned my thermostats. I’m sure Wyze will figure it out eventually, though.

I’m note sure if it’s surefire, but I reinstalled the Wyze app, and then was able to get past it, twice. Beyond that, I am not much help. My thermostat is currently uninstalled, pending further direction from support.

Unfortunately, Wyze support has forsaken this issue. I am told to try the compatibility check, and if I don’t want to hire a third party to figure it out for me, return the product. Very disappointing experience with this company; hopefully this product’s many issues do not precipitate their downfall, as the forum is littered with them. I wish better luck to the rest of you!