Wyze Thermostat (Heating Question)

So our old Thermostat would run the coils first (as we could hear the internal unit running) and then the heat pump as needed, we would only hear the outside A\C unit (heat pump) come on rarely.

So if i understand correctly, the Wyze thermostat runs the heat pump as stage 1 , then only the heating coils for stage 2 if the heat pump needs help or there is a certain amount of degrees separation, we now hear the outside A\C unit (heat pump) run non-stop until temp is reached, which takes a long time. I have yet to hear the A\C unit (heat pump) turn off, and only hear the internal unit on with the heating coils.

Can we get a toggle turn on\off for stage1 - stage 2
Can we rename stage 1 & 2 to “Heat Pump, or Heating Coils, or Emergency Heat” (if this is accurate description) and be able to prioritize which runs first?
can we be able to better customize the degree of separation between when the heat pump and heating coils run?

With the cold weather an not able to get the heating coils to come on and only running the heat pump, we are going to put the old thermostat back up today,

I should have know better than to install during the holidays,i see so many questions over the last few days about the thermostat,

Probably not a great idea to deliver these right as the holiday was starting. hopefully once the support team returns in the coming week, they can share some insight and or software firmware updates.

till then back to the old honeywell thermostat…