Wyze Thermostat for Modine Heater

Did anyone hook a wyze thermostat to a Modine Hot Dawg heater?
It’s basically a on-off switch for the 24 V.
One red one white (example - could be any color).
Contacted wyze a couple of months ago and they said it would work.
Received my unit today went to hook up through the app and it says not compatible.
It’s only a 2 wire system. Any way around that?

Seems you would need a way of getting 24v AC to the thermostat to power it. Don’t know if you have a place to pull it off from. If so I’d expect.

One side of 24v transformer to C
Other side of 24v transformer to Rc
Let W1 be your switched 24v to your heater

That did the trick.


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