Wyze Thermostat Firmware Beta Test 2/9/2023

I totally understand. However, I am on the other side of the fence. :slight_smile:

I installed the updates on the T-Stat and the Sense Hub and everything has been working like a champ for me. On the T-Stat, I did have one issue with the app showing No Network, but I was able to control the T-Stat remotely. When I got home and checked the Physical T-Stat did not show offline, so it was something in the app. I did remove the T-Stat from the wall and the put it back. After a few minutes the app showed connected.

Confusing, I know, but all of this to say, the issue was not with the T-Stat as it was functioning and controllable. I did report this and provided the logs. But since then, I have not seen the no network indicator at all. I am now on 1.2.6.

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Filter doesn’t work for me either and I also reported it some time ago. I did notice this past summer that it did seem to be working and thought it was fixed but now it doesn’t work again. I wonder if since I have the fan being controlled by the furnace that the logic is only based off of the thermostat controlling the fan because it does control ithe fan for cooling and that it worked over the summer? Regardless, it still needs fixing.


I have had major stability issues with this update. I will be reverting back. This thermostat is at a remote location and its down again. I will not be back onsite until next week to reboot the device (again). May I request the ability to reboot the device from the setting menu on the device. Currently there is a reboot in the app, but that does not help if its disconnected. I have to power down the device (pull the breaker) to get it to reboot.

I have all my cams plugged into the wyze outdoor outlets. This way I can power them on and off. I think they’re on sale for $10. HTH

It isn’t possible to plug a 24v wall thermostat into a Smart plug.

@SlackerHQ; There is also no way to revert firmware. Even a factory reset will retain the installed version. A factory reset or reboot only clears the settings.

We just got back from a road trip across the country…
While we were gone I would check my cameras and the thermostat. I used to have connection issues before the last two updates but we’ve been good for quite a while now. I figured this road trip would be a good test… it all went well, no problems.
So I wonder why some people are still having connection issues? It may have nothing to do with being remote. Probably has something to do with Router configuration…

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Yea, I tend to agree. I had some weird issues like this in the distant past. Once I changed routers and moved away from the provider supplied router everything became stable. I have posted about this in the forums.

I had issues with the TPLink Mesh Deco P7 and X60’s as well. Settled on the ASUS ZenWiFi XT8 which served me well for a period of time. Then I switched to the Wyze Routers and I have to say, I am liking the simplicity and performance of these routers.

Yea, I am a nerd and enjoy tech, you could say it is my Vice. But now I have, in my closet boxed up in case I need them:

  • TPLink X60’s
  • ASUS ZenWiFi XT8
  • Had the Wyze Standard Routers but Gave to my son who has seen his problems disappear as well.

I am now using the Wyze Mesh Routers Pro.

anyway, probably TMI :slight_smile:


I did not have any issues on 1.2.5 but since changing to 1.2.6 - it drops frequently. I am a IT professional and have a TP-Link Omada fully manged system at this location. The other 25 devices (including 6 Wyze cameras) on the network dont seem to have any issues. I can see that the unit is trying to connect to the AP but never fully connects. I remotely rebooted the entire network and it still will not come back up. Usually when this happens, the only way to fix it is - reboot the thermostat by flipping the physical electric breaker.

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@SlabSlayer Thanks! Did not know you cloud not revert back on the thermostat.

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No worries. Without a SD Card, there is no way for a user to initiate a firmware reversion.

Is the thermostat, except for it staying connected online, working to maintain the environment?

If the thermostat is still working to run the HVAC, you don’t want to do a factory reset and reinstall. If it won’t reconnect to the network, you would loose the programmed settings that are currently operating in the unit that can still be accessed from the dial.

Common problem with my thermostats. Have had this problem since the beginning. I even signed up for early test versions and that has also failed to provide wifi constant connections The crazy thing is I have light bulbs, plug ins and several cameras that are much further away from router and have no problems with wifi connections with any of them. This is a known thermostat problem that fails to get fixed!

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