Wyze thermostat failing to turn off hvac system and wrong time displayed and slow to update

Hi everyone I’ve been using the thermostat for over a month now and I’m still working my way around it but all in all it’s been a good device and very reliable (sometimes)

One constant issue that arises is that the thermostat is very slow to update the time on the display and in the app. I’ll include two photos

And also it’ll get stuck on the 1 minute timer and it ends up actually being 1 hour ! My house is still cooling and the thermostat has reached the desired temperature yet it doesn’t not turn off the hvac system and often times I have to manually turn it off.

Anyone else experiencing this ? And do I have to submit a log for this issue , any trouble shooting helps please and thank you

One question for you. What do you have your differential temp set at? If you have a wide range, the thermostat might be trying to cool beyond the setpoint using the differential. There is a max 3° differential that would cause the thermostat set at 75 to kick on at 78 and off at 72.

Also, the behavior settings will affect how the system operates.

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Yea so I have my behavior set to max savings and differential temp at 2°.

The issue I’m experiencing is that the time it says in the page and on the display of the t-stat sometimes will be inaccurate . It’s also verryyyyyy slow to update the time on the t-stat page and display . Often times it’ll say cooling in 30 minutes , run for 30 minutes and then when I check it it’ll jump to 1 hour 15 minutes all of a sudden

It’ll say cooling to 72° in 16 minutes and it ends up being longer than 16. And like today , my t-stat said it was cooling to 75° In 1 minute and it stayed at 1 minute for 2 hours today and the temperature reached 75° yet didn’t turn off the hvac system it kept cooling my house down.

I believe this maybe a software problem ? If not maybe something with my settings on my t-stat

Would love some help

I have mine set @ balanced \ 1° DT. But I also have mine set to run only when I am at home. I have the Away\Home\Sleep states programmed to react to Wyze Plugs triggered by Alexa voice command routines so it only changes state when I tell it to.

I am not yet certain what actually changes with each of the Behavior settings. I have not yet found any documentation on what each of these actually do.

You might find the User Guide helpful. Not sure if it ships with that.

As you already know, I believe the “Time To” numbers are just eye :lollipop: candy and not useful even if they were accurate. They cannot take into account the many varying external environmental conditions that change on a daily basis and affect your heat and cool times. On a really hot day, it is going to take longer to cool as the crawl space under my house, where the ducts are, is much hotter. The condensing unit is also less efficient in varying temps. I just don’t believe the thermostat can do it accurately without that data. I have been using mine for a really long time and it still hasn’t improved it’s accuracy. It also has no bearing whatsoever on functionality.

Others here have also noticed slow update cycles. I don’t pay attention to it too much so long as it does my bidding. If I’m comfortable, I’m happy.

I haven’t noticed any issues with excessive runtimes or cycle stalls. Because the T-stat is only half the equation though, the HVAC system’s interaction with the T-stat also needs to be considered. Mine is a pretty simple GasPack unit. Others are more complicated.

There is a user here in the forum that is an absolute Master Jedi Knight with HVAC units and the Wyze Thermostat. Wondering if @speadie has any insights into what the Behavior settings actually do or the issues you are having.


I don’t mind if at all as long as it does it’s job but when it’s in away mode from 2 pm - 2:30 am and set to 75° and it’s cooling from 2 pm until whenever I got up at around 5 pm and noticed it was cooling down to 75° In 1 minute and it lasted for 2 hours is not right

Once it reaches the temperature it’s supposed to cut off , but it was running my hvac system for 2 hours straight from what I noticed so who knows if it was running from 2 pm when it goes into away mode.

It needs work

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Is the air that is coming out of the vents actually cold?


Hi spreadie

I believe so because it was cooling my house down and it was cold inside of my house.

, I’m usually sleeping during the day when it goes into away mode after my girlfriend leaves for work at 2 pm .

I have the t-stat go into away mode at 2 pm . As I’m sleeping upstairs and I don’t need it running the whole time.

I got up around 4 pm to eat and I noticed it was cooling down to 74 for 1 hour and kept saying 1 hour for a while . So the time is really slow to update

But yes i did feel my house cooling but it just was stuck , it reached the set temperature and never shut off and the time was not right… maybe a software issue ???

It could be an issue with the “coast to cool option” in advanced settings. Perhaps it is turning off the compressor just a bit early and with the compressor off it is unable to reach the desired offset? try turning that feature off if you have it on.

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Will see if that helps , it’s still having issues updating the time and is very slow . It’ll often times get stuck and never shut off . Very weird behaviors…