Wyze Thermostat Display Constantly Becoming Corrupted

NOTE: I am attaching a photo to the bottom of this post to illustrate the issue more clearly with my Wyze Thermostat.

ISSUE: Several times per day, as I pass by the unit and the display lights up, I will notice that the display shows a garbled jumble of overlapping text. Simply restarting the device from the Wyze App resolves the issue temporarily, but the condition will re-occur in a brief time. Please note that the thermostat functions correctly according to schedules set up in the Wyze app regardless of the condition of the display.

Has anyone else noticed this issue? I searched the forum and could not locate a similar post.

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That’s strange, I would submit a log in your device settings > Wyze Support > Submit A Log and contact Wyze support. Give them the 6 digit log number and they can pass it onto the team and help you troubleshoot.


KyGuy2002, Thank you for your post! I did as directed and (hopefully), got the information through to support. The support bot makes reporting an issue difficult at best.

Yea, were you able to talk to a agent though? Sometimes its hard to get through.

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I always prefer to call as that seems to be the better course for me. You could try:


Spamoni4 & KyGuy2002,

Thank you both for your posts! I did get a response from Wyze Support, and they simply suggested I reset the thermostat. I had, of course, already done this as well as rechecking all wiring connections to ensure that good contact was maintained at every termination point. I will be contacting Wyze again on Monday to see if they have any further suggestions or if they simply need to initiate an exchange to replace the defective unit. I had just ordered the thermostat about 10 days ago, so there should be no issues about putting an RMA into process.

One thing to try, if you have not. Reset the T-Stat again, then remove it (The T-Stat, no need to remove the wires) from the wall for about 5 minutes. I would also remove the T-Stat from the App (This may be optional). Then put the head unit back on the wall and go through the setup.

The thought is: Removal of the T-Stat for 5 minutes will allow it to fully reset.

Also, here is a link to factory reset the T-Stat: https://support.wyze.com/hc/en-us/articles/360049776172-How-do-I-factory-reset-my-Wyze-Thermostat-

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Thank you for the suggestion! I had performed that operation in the process of double-checking the wiring connections - both at the thermostat and at the furnace control board. Fortunately, I was contacted by Jayward from Wyze support (on Sunday no less!) and he is sending out a warranty replacement unit.

I want to sincerely thank you and KyGuy2002 for your help and suggestions. I had referred Jayward to this thread so he could see what steps had been taken to resolve the issue. I have no doubt that the input from you and KyGuy2002 helped in getting the rapid response and warranty replacement unit.


Appreciate the feedback. Hope it all works out. Keep us informed. :slight_smile:

I had the same issue with the display with corrupt letters (ASCII set all "i"s were "t"s consistently and totally corrupt squares.

I did the 10 second hold to reset with the dial and did a reinstall from the app.

Fixed the problem.

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I am having this corrupt display issue as well. The interesting thing is, this is the second Wyze thermostat this has happened with. For the first two or three weeks with each unit it is fine, then later the display becomes garbled. I typically don’t adjust the settings using the wall unit. I do everything from the app so it’s just odd that it becomes corrupt in time on its own without anyone touching it. I’m not sure whether to put in a ticket or what now. I did it once and they replaced it. What are the odds the third one will do this again?

It’s kind of a known glitch I think. Mine does it every so often and I believe it’s just endemic to the device currently. No idea what causes it but maybe tomorrow I’ll reset mine again. Generally goes for almost a year before … well, mine’s flavor of garbled is that it leans off to the right so far that the top of the image is at the bottom of the display and stretches so far out that it’s just a barely perceptible fuzz. I know because I’d caught it a few times before going full sideways tilt when it was only partially skewing off to the right.
I need to redo mine again now… maybe tomorrow. I verbally control mine and make whatever inquiries via echo units.
Still, it is bewildering and frustrating … mainly because of the tedious nature of restoring it to proper display again. Luckily it’s not too often and I’d rather do this than have to use an lcd again anyway.
Great functionality otherwise though… been very pleased with mine compared to previous big name thermostats that drove me absolutely …well, I was not pleased with their lack of competence let’s say. :slight_smile:

No, I’ve never seen this on my thermostat, and I sit right next to it all day. Contact support if you see this sort of thing.

This happens every 4 or 5 months. Generally I remove it from power and let built-up charge dissipate, then end up having to add it from scratch after resetting it and then it displays normally again. I have replaced it once when the usual processes wouldn’t work. *fingers crossed … It’s gone over 6 months now without me having to redo the whole thing so maybe whatever has instigated the display corruption is no longer taking place.
*fingers crossed