Wyze thermostat bug

Latest thermostat firmware. Keeps randomly holding. Have to keep unholding. Doesn’t seem right. I can’t be the only one. Fix this please.

Since you posted this is Beta, can we assume you are running Beta firmware? If so which version?

One thing to try is to pull the thermostat from the wall, then carefully plug it back in. That will give it a cold reboot.


So, schedules aren’t working? Make sure to check the schedules in the settings as well as the temperature preferences.

Do you have autoswitch turned on?

After verifying those options, I’d reboot it as suggested above, and report what firmware you are using.

How long have your schedules not been working right for?

I currently have firmware 11.9 and I haven’t noticed any holding. I’ll try to pay closer attention and see if I notice anything.


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