Wyze thermostat accuracy

Dear Wyze,

I am potentially interested in buying several thermostats for myself and family members but I would like to know the “resolution” and accuracy of the temperature sensor in the thermostat.

For example, can it measure (and report) in whole degrees, half degrees, 1/10 of a degree?

Is it’s sensor accurate to
+ / - 2 degrees Fahrenheit
+ / - 1 degrees Fahrenheit
+ / - 0.5 degrees Fahrenheit ??


The temperature has been pretty (what I consider) accurate for me, only about a degree or two off. There’s also a setting in the app that allows for calibration and adjustment of the temperature if needed. The sensor may have issues if your thermostat is installed in direct sunlight.
The thermostat temperature is shown to the nearest whole degree.

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Does the thermostat come with a separate thermostat that you can install in another room? In the video “mini doc” for how they created the thermostat, there’s one segment where they show a second thermostat or temperature sensor that’s installed in another room. Also, does anyone know if you can operate your AC / Heating unit directly from the thermostat? Or does everything have to be managed from the app?

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You can operate the thermostat manually on the device itself. The app is required for setup, creating schedules, and programming the advanced settings(temperature calibration, home and away presets,)