Wyze Switch - Smart light switch

Will it work without a ground? My house is 60+ years old and most of the switches/outlets are ungrounded.

Yes it will. It uses a ground for safety, but the entire case is plastic.

Yeah, I found this from support:

Wyze Switch does not require a ground wire, but it is safer to use ground wiring with any switch. The ground wire gives excess electrical charges a safe place to go. If your house was built in the 1960s or later, you should have a ground wire.

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Just installed my first Home Depot-supplied Wyze light switch. It’s working great, but I can’t figure out how to get Google Home to recognize the new switch. I already had some plugs and cameras set up that Google Home shows, but nothing I have tried will make the new light switch show up.

Has anyone had any luck with this so far?

I heard that the switches won’t show up in Alexa until Dec. I’m guessing the same is true for Google…

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Doesn’t show up in GH for me either, guess we just have to give it more time.

Are you having any issues turning the switch on or off via the app? I’ve had mine installed for 10 days, was working fine but now can’t turn on or off within the app, and my rules controlling the switch stopped working

I just installed the light switch this afternoon, and it is working fine within the Wyze app.


thanks…I deleted the switch then re-added and it’s working again

By the way, Alexa is recognizing and adding Switches as devices, and allowing you to group them. One more step of progress!

Still no grouping feature within Wyze app. For me that’s fine. At least in the Philips Hue app, when I’ve grouped lights, and then created a similar group in the Alexa app it has caused some minor chaos. Like one of the light bulbs refuses to stay turned off… So I only do groups in Alexa now…

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I just got the switch, shows up in google home and alexa apps just fine. I wish they could be used to start routines though.


Can you control the light switch if internet is down?

if your internet is down, the switch will continue to function, maybe not for double/triple/long press. IF your internet is down, but your home network is up, and phone is on the home network, then likely you could still interact with it. however, as the advanced functionality is cloud stored, I don’t think that the double/triple/long press will work.

For reference. the basic function of the switch works prior to registering the switch within the Wyze App, before it has any connection to the internet.

It would be really neat if the Wyze Switch could control dimmable lightbulbs’ brightness, in addition to just ‘on’ and ‘off’.

No clue if it’d be possible for the existing Wyze Switch to get this feature as a firmware update or if this would require new hardware, but I would totally be down for buying some sort of Wyze Switch Pro with this feature!

I have a switch that, when I use it to turn on the overhead light, it goes into connect mode when I try to turn off the light. I just run through the steps to connect to WiFi and can even give it the same name and it shows up in the same order as always. While that’s tedious, the annoying part is that I have to reconnect to be able to turn the light off.

I guess my question to the wyzeverse is, is anyone else experiencing this? And should I exchange it for another switch (at Home Depot)?

Are you saying you need to re-add it to the app just to turn it off? No, that shouldn’t be necessary. Once installed it should work like any other Wyze device – call it up to manipulate it (on/off), or set a rule, etc.

Wonder though if you could have an issue with your app that is causing it to want to reinstall over and over, like a corrupted document. Since settings are kept on the servers you should be able to delete & reinstall your app to see if that helps without any adverse issues.

We’ll, I’m saying when I manually turn the switch on, then off the light starts slow blinking and it’s in connect mode. It is one of three switches installed, so I’m dubious it’s an app issue. But apps do do some inexplicable things…

I guess uninstall/reinstall app is easier than physically installing the switch.

Ah, I see. The Switch isn’t going into connect mode, the Bulb is.

If you want to use a smart bulb in the socket, try “Smart Control” mode for Single Press. Then the Bulb stays powered 24/7 and smart commands are sent to turn it on and off. Or put a regular LED light bulb in the socket, and continue to use Classic Control.

It it a Wyze Bulb? Thing about those is they take THREE off/on cycles to go to slow blinking connect mode…

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No, not using a smart bulb. It is definitely the switch going into connect. I can tell because when I touch the + on the app it goes straight into steps to add the switch, and because I bypass the physical install steps. I wouldn’t use a smart bulb with a smart switch, that’s redundant smartness.

Actually I use a smart bulb with the switch because I wanted control over the brightness and color temp. I could probably find one on the market that fit what I was trying to accomplish, but not the same day I installed the switch. I use classic control because I just want it to return to last settings, and because classic control is slightly faster. :slight_smile:

Sounds like you may have a return on your hands.

If you use one or two brightnesses, you can program the presses of the switch as a sort of workaround. What I do for now is have the triple-press set to dim red, for nighttime use, and then double press sets it back to normal.
EDIT: Oh ha I didn’t read your question properly, you mean with regular dimmable bulbs? I use the wyze bulb and have preset brightnesses that way, but it would be nice like you say if there was a dimmer switch option.