Wyze Switch - Smart light switch

Can we please get an update from Wyze on this? This is preventing me rolling out a Wyze solution. This should have been available by now?



I would like to see this happen.

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Lutron does the smart light switch with no neutral wire. I have no idea how they do it when no one else can, but I’d really love to see Wyze be able to accomplish that.

I think something like the Lutron Pico remote would be all you need. They can stick anywhere and can be inserted into an existing decora wall plate.

Yes, please. Wyze light switch would allow me to control chandeliers with special (not smart) bulbs, inset led can lights, fireplace, exterior flood lights, under cabinet lights, and I am sure even more that I’m not thinking of.

I’d love to hear where in the process this is. I would have thought it would have been done by now?


The more I think about this, Wyze introducing a switch along with an outlet also on Wishlist would be quite an opportunity for Wyze. We included a couple of Smart features when we sold our last house and they got the attention of the buyer.

I could really see home remodelers (flippers) using the affordable Wyze outlets and switches as a marketing proposition. A built-in outlet is ‘cleaner’, more attractive than a bunch of protruding plugs, and no one is doing it that I know of.


There are a number of options already available on the market for in-wall smart outlets:

Huh, as usual my preferred brand is pricey.


So there are! I was going on what I’d seen at Home Depot and Lowe’s. They have the switches there. They also have ‘dumb’ outlets with USB but they are ridiculously priced! I’m seeing a few of those more reasonably priced at the link you sent. I just remodeled the basement and would have definitely included a couple of these. Thanks!

I’m thinking of going ahead with switches and outlets unless Wyze makes an announcement soon. I’m curious why you like Leviton over Kasa?

We have been talking about this for over a year. Meanwhile, different cameras, a vacuum, outdoor outlets, etc. have all since been developed and shipping. If I need this capability, and I think based on the conversations here that’s a rather strong yes, I’ll move to another brand. As disappointing as that might be.

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There’s no sense in waiting for Wyze, it may never come. I just installed a kasa switch a couple weeks ago, works great. If wyze develops a switch in the future, I’ll buy then.


First, my rationale was that if I’m putting something electrical in the walls of my home I’d like it to be UL listed, preferably US made, and from a very reputable manufacturer. (Yes, nothing is US made.) Second, the Leviton smart wall switches look and sort-of function just like the Leviton Decora switches and dimmers they replaced, with minimal smart device gaudiness or extra buttons. Simple flat paddles.

I don’t recall if Kasa had wall switches when I was first evaluating. I just checked and they look pretty good. I’d have no real objection to using them. I almost wish I felt more secure about trying the really cheap stuff like Meross. A lot of those new brands are apparently putting out good stuff.

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FYI - I just direct messaged Wyze on Twitter. Here is their response about the light switch:

While it is something that has been a topic of conversation, we don’t currently have anything in the works at the moment or a timeframe as to if/when that may be available. Please feel free to keep an eye on our newsletter and social media channels for an announcement should that change. :slight_smile:


Just have to remodel the apartment to remove all the fluorescent lights so that they can become wyze control… Wyze sense makes it easy to ensure that the lights are always getting turned off.

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@ken.s “Why wait?”
I get it. If it was a real need, I definitely would. But most are just to add a little convenience. With the exception of the switches that turn on outside flood lights. I don’t have switches in the bedroom so if I hear something during the night I have to go to the den and kitchen. It’s not that big of a deal though

@Customer Yeah, I definitely get the quality standard issue. I just finished the basement apartment off. I hate to come in and replace brand new switches. There’s probably only one switch that placement makes it less convenient. I may go ahead and do that one. I noticed the US made, it helps make the higher price more acceptable. Thanks for the advice!

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Wow, thanks for doing that!

That’s what I use mine for, automatically turning on/off the outside lights

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I have ecobee and Meross switches myself. While the ecobee switches are great they never lived up to the reason why I got them in the first place: occupancy sensor in the ecobee ecosystem. Having integrated speaker and Alexa was interesting but I already have a few Dots so it wasn’t that big of a feature for me. I started with a Meross garage opener as a gift, then added 6 switches (one 3-way) and four plugs. The Meross hardware is really simple and easy to install and have not had an issue with any of them. I use Alexa to control them all with no issue.


Let me also request for Wyze to offer Smart switches and dimmers. Hopefully I am adding to the number it requires to get Wyze to issue these. I’ve been using Lutron Caseta and I am very happy with them, but I would prefer to have one app to control all my devices. Also they are not cheap. So far Wyze seems like the one who could get that done at a reasonable price…