Wyze Switch, officially supported yet?

though the switch is still in pre-order status, is it officially supported yet? I know several people have purchased from HD (myself included). I have it installed, and it was working fine until a few days ago, now I am unable to control the switch from within the app, it could be due to the recent beta app that was released. I submitted log 351852

I guess I don’t know the official Support Dept stance, but the switch has been announced by Wyze, they are accepting orders, the production app has support for it, and Wyze is aware that they have been released into the wild by HD. So feel free to describe the problem in detail here, and we will see if we can help.

BTW, that looks like a log number. If you submitted a log, that will garner no response from anyone. Those are only quietly used by the developers to determine trends and improve product.

To contact Support:

Customer Support

There are many ways to contact Wyze. Their phone number is (206) 339-9646, or you can chat with an agent or create a ticket on the support site.

They’re open for support between 4 am-8 pm PT Monday through Friday, and 8 am-4 pm PT Saturday.

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thanks…I briefly mentioned the issue in the OP, basically I lost control of the switch via the app. All was good after install, the switch is controlling my outside lights, I have a rule that turns on at sunset & off at sunrise, that rule also turns on/off a wyze plug. I noticed a few days ago, the outside lights were still on after sunrise. I checked the plug that also turns off with the rule & it was off. The rule history shows successful. When I open the switch in the app, it showed the switch was still on, I toggle to off, and the status shows off, but a few seconds later the status returns back to on. Tried a few times, wont turn off. I had to manually turn off at the physical switch.

I downgraded the app to the production & it behaves the same

maybe @WyzeGwendolyn can send the log to the Switch project manager?

Shouldn’t matter, but are you using single press ‘classic mode’ or ‘smart mode’?

One thing to try might be to set a schedule for the switch to turn on at sunset and off at dawn every day. I suppose you can leave it as part of the rule too, or remove it, your choice. Just an alternate method to try. :slight_smile:

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Classic mode.

I will try using a schedule but I’m doubtful, the bigger issue is simply not being able to turn on or off in the app.

Another thought (not really a fix, just for future reference). Does the Rule control the Switch or the Bulb?

Something to know is the thing about Classic Control is it controls the Bulb by powering it up and down. That means when it is powered down, the Bulb is not directly subject to any Rule manipulation.

If you switch to Smart Control, then the Bulb will always be powered, and will be controlled only by Smart commands. Then of course you have to worry about range if it is far away from the router, but at least it will be powered to hear the commands.

This doesn’t apply if you always command the Switch instead of the Bulb.

Just some info for future use.

You may want to call Support to see if they have any ideas. Your biggest problem is loss of Classic Control capability, as you say. You may have to return it to HD.

The switch only controls dumb bulbs

I ended up deleting the switch and re-adding it, I can now control it via the app and my rule successfully turned it off this morning.

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