Wyze Switch Connectors

I just installed the the light switch to control my outdoor floodlights at my cabin because we normally arrived after sunset. The switch gave me the freedom to remotely turned them on and not have to stumble to get to the door. The nights in that area are pitch black making it hard to get into the cabin during the night.

I have a background doing electrical work so it was an easy intallation. So, here is the issue I found with the switch electrical contacts and a poential fire risk. Why a fire risk ? If enough current is drawn an arc can be produced elevating the temperature on the switch and melting the inside components. It something we are taught when handling electrical components, “make sure all connections are tight to prevent arcing” which can trip a breaker and worse cause a fire. The welds use to sit the connections are not strong enough. When tightening the connection one leg detached from the weld and allowed the connector to be moved. This occured on two different switches and different connectors. Either the connector need to be secured with a better weld or have the top case have an ear that prevents the connectors from moving. I was able to open the case and re-weld the leg but, not everybody has the skills or tools to open the case and make the repairs.

Other than what I stated everything else works perfect.

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Can you post a picture of the weld?

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In order to open the case you need a torx size T-7 and a phillip PZ0. When you pry the top case pull straight up, you have a six pin female connector on the bottom of the case.

Good luck.

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Thanks! You used the term weld, but you are talking about a solder connection inside on the circuit card, right? You must have had to open the case to troubleshoot. What is on the flip side of the board there?

You are correct it’s a solder and not a weld. That board steps down the voltage for the comm board and power the remote switch that’s turns the lights on. The top case has the network card and Bluetooth.

I just remembered that legs that pass thru a circuit board for connection are normally twisted from the side were solder is located to prevent the leg from being pulled out when applying force. Something for Wyze engineering should look into.