WYZE SWITCH - Can't Add device on Android 12 on LG V60

I can’t add a Wyze Switch on Android 12 on an LG V60.
Works fine on Android 10 on an LG V40. 100% reproducible.
Both running v2.32.0 (154)

What’s happening when you try to add it? What step is it failing at and how. Thanks

When it shows “Connecting…” it just sits there forever until it times out.
Seems to see the bluetooth and starts flashing more slowly, but never asks for WiFi info.

Same on Google Pixle3 Running Android 12

If you’re running Android 12 and having problems connecting, from your Android device, go to Settings > Apps > Wyze > Permissions > tap the 3 dots upper right > All Permissions > enable Nearby Devices. Path and verbiage may differ depending on UI.

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Worked like a charm! thank you

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No problem… glad to help. :+1:

Nearby Devices were already enabled on my LG… So it didn’t help…
Any other ideas?

Other than disabling mobile/cellular data, I’m out of ideas. :confused: Hopefully someone with an LG V60 will chime in. Or you could try giving Customer Support a call:

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