Wyze Switch and light status

It’s the second time this week that my ISP drops (Verizon) during the night… the whole family is going nuts now because all the switches I installed start blinking fast until the connection is restored (which is up to Verizon), and they woke everyone up.

Since I couldn’t connect to them I had to put tapes on all and later on when they fixed the issue I’ve disabled the light on all, which leads me to this question:

Would that prevent the light to turn on in ALL situations (including while connecting and pairing)?

It’d be really nice to have an option to keep the light on for regular use but disable light when it’s trying to connect to the internet for hours.

Hi @GerM
Nothing today that suppresses the status light from blinking when disconnected I have found. There is a wishlist items for the Status light and different configuration requests. You could add your thoughts there.


Thanks, @R.Good! I’d have to add it to the wishlist then!

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