Wyze Switch - Add user options for status light control (always on, always off, reverse logic, etc.)

Still Waiting

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Please add feature, been waiting since these were install

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I too would really like to see this feature added to the functionality of the switch. Having a light to tell you when the switch is on literally makes no sense when most are controlling a light to begin with. Having an option to toggle the status LED is a no brainer when almost every other switch on the market allows for this.


Still waiting for this feature!

How is this not a feature yet? It would be nice to be able to locate the switch instead of feeling the wall each time I try to turn on the light. If you’re not going to add an easy on off button through a widget then can you at least do this?!?

Still waiting, pretty ridiculous Wyze hasn’t implemented this feature that most other switches have. It’ll actually sway me to buy other more costly than Wyze switches. Every switch that works in the SmartLife ecosystem supports this, and I’m well vested into that ecosystem as much as I am Wyze.