Wyze support for Siri Shortcuts

Siri shortcuts and HomeKit are two different things they should not be put together one is home automation other one is phone automation and has nothing to do with HomeKit


Kind of disappointed in how Wyze is allocating their resources. I can buy thermometers and face masks but over a year and a half later, I still can’t use Siri to open a camera feed.

Allowing Siri Shortcuts seems like a no brainer and should be relatively easy to implement. I use open source apps that are created and maintained by one developer that already have Siri Shortcut support.


Siri shortcut would be nice: “Hey Siri turn off bedroom light”


It probably has something to do with licensing for Apple.

But HomeKit has Siri baked in, therefore if they had HomeKit support I could control with Siri commands.

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two years and this basic feature is still missing.

I need a shortcut for the Wyze lock so I can make an automation that unlocks my door.


Can’t believe this isn’t an option already! It would make things so much better.


Why is this not done? Is there a technical reason? How do you respond to those who say this is the company prioritizing profits and new customer growth over the quality of the experience for existing customers?

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I agree, IFTTT leaves a lot to be desired. Siri Shortcuts or HomeKit sure would make things easier.

I’m also bummed that I can’t tell Siri to turn my lights on or off :roll_eyes:. Going to check out IFTTT integration, as I don’t have HomeKit and therefore have been using my phone to automate and control my lights.

Siri shortcut is like the poor mans HomeKit (in my opinion) but if it means I can integrate with the Apple ecosystem it’s a huge bonus for anyone who wants to integrate their cameras with Apple.

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Can we please get integration with Siri shortcuts? Not Homekit, only shortcuts. This would allow something like an NFC tag to trigger routines or other lightbulb automations (colors, scenes, etc).


Yea, no HomeKit, but come on. At least Siri shortcuts please.

Given that IFTTT is virtually useless unless you pay, you owe it to your users to add support for iOS shortcuts.

It’s not a hard process and I’m sure one of your devs could spend a day or two on implementing a few shortcuts.

@WyzeAndy Is this something you’re willing to revisit soon?

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I agree completely. This request for Siri Shortcuts has been ignored for far too long.

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I’m a fan of Wyze products but the lack of shortcuts support make it hard to justify additional investment. My core devices are Apple and not planning to move off anytime soon. Homekit support is more complicated, but shortcuts support should only require an update to the app. Not trivializing the development effort, but highlighting the difference between Homekit and Shortcuts.

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Automation for Garage Door Controller

Would like to see automation added to “Hey Siri, Open Garage Door”. This is something that should have already been included.

Perhaps with the new Matter standard (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matter_(standard) ) becoming readily available and being Open Source, this will change sooner rather than later.

I installed Google assistant on my iPhone and added Wyze and setup a command so I can say hey google open garage. You can Google how to set it up it’s pretty easy.

Problem is iOS disables saying hey google. Figured out I can say “hey siri open assistant then I say open garage. Works perfectly.

A widget on the Home Screen would be awesome or just saying hey siri open garage would be cool too but saying “hey siri open assistant open garage” is pretty easy too and works for me.

Wyze Shortcuts accessible by Siri Shortcuts

I am not talking HomeKit. This is enabling access to Shortcuts / Rules set up in Wyze to Siri Shortcuts. So, I can say “Hey Siri, Lock the door” and it will trigger the Wyze Shortcut configured in Siri Shortcuts.

Like for example this scene I set up in Kasa app is accessible to Siri Shortcuts: