Wyze Sprinkler Root Depth Doesn't Save


When a user tries to set the “Root Depth” in the Wyze Sprinkler Zone Advanced Settings, it does not save.

Steps to Reproduce

  • Open Wyze App
  • Goto Sprinkler
  • Goto Settings
  • Goto System
  • Pick any zone
  • Goto Crop Type
  • Open Advanced
  • Change Root Depth from 9" to anything else
  • Hit Save
  • Hit Save again ( lol )
  • Close the app and reopen - note it still says 9"

Device Info

  • Firmware Version 1.0.8
  • App Version 2.30.0 (a14)

I am also having this issue with firmware 1.0.10 and app 2,31.0.

Having this issue too. Seems like a such a simple thing since other things in the advanced section save. Wonder what’s taking so long to fix

This is the response I got a little while back from tech support:

Thanks for contacting the Wyze Wizards team. My name is [***] and I’ll be happy to explain.

Thank you very much for sending us a log. I’d like to be respectful of your time and point you to the best resource to have the issue resolved.

This has been determined as a bug in our service and is not a hardware issue. Your log has been sent to our Engineers.

Rest assured they are looking into the root cause to integrate what was lacking in our system. We don’t have an estimated time frame on when this will be resolved, currently, the fix is being tested before being released to make sure there are no additional issues.

Thank you for your precious time. Please reach back out if there are any additional issues.

Thanks for understanding and for being a part of Wyze. Stay safe!

I just tested and I’m still facing this bug nearly 9 months after they said a fix was being tested. Has anyone else gotten this to work?