Wyze Sprinkler Controller - Allow for +/- Offset to Sunrise/Sunset options

Allow for some offset to start/stop watering based on the Sunrise/Sunset options. For example, allow me to say:

Start Schedule-A 45 minutes before Sunrise.
Stop Schedule-B 1 hour before Sunset.

This will give us some flexibility to allow for watering to bleed in/out of Sunrise/Sunset times.

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I’d like the same thing but more than the 59 minutes offered in android app beta v 2.24.13.
@Brlepage - should I create a separate wishlist item?

For example in my area (on 8/21/21) Astronomical sunrise is at 05:49 and Official sunrise is at 07:19.

I’m REALLY GLAD they finally put it in the app, but why the limitation?


Yes, I’d like to see as many as 12 hours be selectable also, to cover devices in other timezones.

Well it’s easy to go to other time zones by setting the location.
That’s the first thing I did, but it’s kludgy for me (for example) to set the location of a camera that is IN Virginia to Seattle, Wa. so I can have it record 3 hours off sunrise.

I also have local uses for hours after sunrise. I have a tree in my backyard who’s shadow appears on my driveway. On sunny days it drives my driveway cam nuts with motion. I have a shortcut set to turn motion detection off when that happens (then it falls back to a PIR motion sensor). I have a scheduled rule to turn motion detection back on at a set time, say 2PM, when the sun rises sufficiently for the shadow to disappear. Problem is, that always happens x hours after sunrise, not 2 PM. So I end up playing with that number throughout the year.

Shouldn’t this be a Wish List item? I’d vote for having an hours/minute choice.

good idea

Agreed - I moved it to #wishlist and slightly modified the title for search clarity.


Could you merge it with the other item?


Done. Thanks for that catch - I should have researched one more step initially!!


I would make a separate one to remove the limit. What do others think?

I potentially see a wishlist item for adding sunrise/sunset to the sprinkler system, and one for adding hours to the offset. Those should be separate wishes, I think?

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I tested this out- for EDT. I wanted to fire off the cam at about 1440. I set the location for sunset in London, England plus about a 40 minute offset, Fired off fine.
So find a place at the same latitude, however many time zones away (do the math) and as they
say “Bob’s your uncle” :slight_smile:

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I tried posting in the “Tips and tricks” section how to do the work around but it would not let me post unless I selected an “optional tag” and when I try to select an “optional tag” the field is blank, when I try to search in that box I get “no matches found”.
Very frustrating.
This is what I tried to post:

They are finally putting in Sunrise/Sunset for rules. But as of the writing, Android app v2.24.13, one can only offset an action for plus or minus 59 minutes from sunrise or sunset.
However if I choose a location in the rule many time zones away it still works.
I wanted to have my camera upload a video about 6 hours off from sunset. I’m on the east coast of the US. So I set the location for the rule to London with a few minutes extra.
Camera fired off on time.
Hopefully Wyze will change the option to offset by plus or minus 12 hours.

There was a configuration error introduced when we switched over to the new category setup. This should be fixed now.


Yup, just checked, the tag menu now functions.