Wyze solution for a chilling problem

As many of you know, I’m at home recovering from knee replacement surgery last Friday, 9/2/2022. Part of the recovery process involves elevation of the surgical leg while applying ice to the knee for 20 minutes of every waking hour. My insurance provided me with a DonJoy IceMan chilling device which recirculates water chilled with ice around the knee.


I was bored so I decided to use a Wyze plug and color bulb to setup a timer to shutoff the pump when my time is up. It also turns on the color bulb to green and leaves it on for 1 minute.

Now my wife helps me get the cooler ready, straps on the pad and turns on the plug. I just lay there waiting for the treatment to finish with my legs elevated, sometimes napping for 20 minutes. I’ll attach my rule below.


Hope your recovery is fast Bill! You certainly never stop thinking! Great automation! It’s great to see you back in the forums!


That is a cool idea! I’ll have to remember that.


That’s such a cool idea! Get well soon :slight_smile:


@WildBill, Wait a minute. whoa, stop the presses. No, sir. Did not know that’s what you were going to be down for. Been there, myself.

I never heard anything about cold pack. ice pack therapy. I just lived with pain for three weeks.

Bill, the physical therapy is so very important. Put forth 120% effort. Do a little more than they request. Its worth it sooner. And your knee will be stiff for months - more than 15 months. Then one day you will wake sometime after the 16th month and all the stiffness will be gone.

My best to you buddy. Very best.


More like Physical Terrorism!
(My ex is a Physical Terrorist)



Don’t forget to sign up for the extra credit therapy - the spanking. Helps distract from the knee discomfort.

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