Wyze Solar Panel

Have any of you done any testing of the solar panel? Wyze appears unable to answer basic questions regarding Voc, Imp, & Isc. So far Wyze support has restated the specs available in the sales lit: e.g., Voc equal to what Vmp would be. I’m sure these specs exist somewhere: Wyze can’t find them!


I have 4 solar panels and they all work amazing. The cans stay at 99-100% at all times.


Well let’s start off with what are Voc, Vmp, Imp, & Isc? I’d bet some definitions could lead us somewhere. :slight_smile:


If I recall my electrical stuff from years ago, and I could be wrong this is off of memory.

VOC - Open circuit voltage
VMP - Voltage at Max power
IMP - Current at max power
ISC - Short circuit current

In solar panel terms if anyone wants to test
VOC - Voltage checked by placing voltmeter across output terminals of panel module without connecting a load.
VMP - Voltage available when panel is connected to load and operating at max (want to see 70 to 80% of VOC
IMP - Current obtained at maximum power (Amps)
ISC - Value of current obtained when positive and negative terminals are connected to each other through an ammeter in series.

I do not know any of these figures or if I can get them but I will ask and see if I can find out.


One would think these values, Voc (voltage open circuit, no load, which one would think with a 5 volt panel should be around 8 or 9 volts), Vmp (operating voltage which we assume should be ~5 volts), Isc (short circuit current, spec’d by the manufacturer), Imp (operating current, again, spec’d by the manufacturer), and Pmax (another manufacturer spec), would be published, at least for support to supply to those so inclined to test their panel especially when it doesn’t appear to be operating optimally. Support has supplied the following: 5 Vdc @ 500mA (max) (2.5W). I initially asked the question on May 19 so it’s only a little over a month. I can wait.