Wyze smart pc case

A computer case or add-on for a case that will allow you to startup shutdown or other options of the computer/

interesting idea!
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I have had two of these for my PC. Both have a card that plugs into a slot to obtain standby power. One includes a dedicated tiny remote, while the second one connects to WiFi and can be controlled by a voice assistant.

It would be nice to have one that had both options, and perhaps that perhaps has a different means of obtaining standby power than occupying a slot.

The biggest obstacles I see to this are the limited market, as it is limited only to people that have desktops, those that don’t simply leave their computer on 24/7, and those that don’t have the computer conveniently located to reach the power switch.

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That, and smart plugs are already sold by Wyze to accomplish much the same effect, and Wake on LAN exists too…

Very true.