Wyze Sense (motion, contact, entry sensors, etc.) triggers Pan movement

This would be a great feature. I’m just ordering my Wyze cameras and sensors and can’t wait to get them setup. I want to put a contact sensor in the liquor cabinet so I know if one of my teenagers has got in there. Even better if the pan camera would pan to that spot if the sensor is opened so I know which teenager to ground.

Love this idea. I like it because I’m disabled and if I fell then it would spin and show me on the floor and if possible send a notification to my wife

it Is not able to do that. I wish it could.

Oh buddy your doin um dirty :joy::joy::joy: at least tell them it’s their :skull:

Would love this. I know that the technology is there I’ve seen it with other security systems.

We need an option similar to motion tracking, that allows a sensor to adjust the camera to a set waypoint. Upon clearing of the sensor, the camera would return to it’s previous position. Ex: I have a sensor in another room, and the camera is 120deg away. I want the motion sensor to trigger the camera to turn and record towards the other room for say 5 minutes, then return back to what it’s supposed to record.

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In the meantime, I’d be happy if I could set a rule that would activate panning and motion tracking if my motion sensor detected movement during specific time ranges.

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This is my #1 feature request for the Wyze Cam Pan. You have my vote.

Can we also expand the trigger to alternatively use a geofence? The prerequisite for this feature would be for Pan Cam to have preset positions (Pan Cam position memories / presets) and them to be triggered with an IFTTT applet. i.e. Once I am within a certain location then aim the pan cam out the window instead of into the room.

I would like the pan cam to turn toward a activated sensor whether it be on a door, window, etc. and record or start recording depending on settings.

My camera is watching an area with two doors. It pans back an forth and I have it set to record if a door sensor is activated. But a couple times my door sensor is activated and the cam starts recording, but its facing the wrong direction and takes several seconds to turn in “pan” mode to get back to my door.

I would like to be able to tell it where the sensor is so it can turn directly to it when activated. That way I can see who opened the door and then motion sensor can take over at that point.

Scenario: My pan cam is set to the back sliding door area (waypoint 1). It is not in scan mode. I have currently a door sensor on the front door opposite to the pan cam view (aka 180 degrees behind if you will). I’d like to create a rule, where the sensor of DoorOpens triggers the pan camera to move to a saved waypoint 2 (= FrontDoor), starts recording, sends me an event video and enables motion tracking. Further I’d like to configure the time of inactivity to have the pan cam disable recording and move back to the initial position where it resumes motion detection. I could imagine using a motion detector instead of the sensor to better assist detection in the back of the pan cam to trigger it to turn and follow the motion. This behavior should be based on a schedule (example Mo-Fr from 0800-1700). I record to SD cards.
This seems to break down into subset use cases:

  • On Pan cam in Motor controls, pan scan section: Identify waypoints for rule selection (1-4 or A-D or labels if you want to go fancy such as FrontDoorView, BackDoorView etc)
  • In Rule for select pan cam: Rotate to waypoint Y
  • For general setting or per camera: Define recording time (currently it appears the recording stops despite motion in progress - bug/feature?).
  • Am I missing rule conditions to create sequences such as described in above scenario? Sensor/Motion trigger > rotate to waypoint Y > start recording until motion stops or for n seconds > send (short 12 s) event video > track motion with recording > if motion idle for n seconds, stop recording and resume to waypoint X and motion detection again.

This feature would be awesome!! I would love to see Wyze release this because it would be so helpful for indoor security. When I have my camera panning inside and I open my door sometimes it is turned the other way and does not even know I’m in the house.

Wyze please look into this. :slight_smile:

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I think it would be awesome if you could set up a rule in the app so that if sensor “A” was tripped either open or closed (Your Choice) Wyze Pan would pan to location “A” that you set in the device and record for 15s. It would do the same for B, C, and maybe a fourth.

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Welcome to the community, @Anorak. I have moved your suggestion to an existing #wishlist topic on the same subject. :slight_smile:

So much please!!! This would be huge for me. I have motion sensors outside the house at my front door, and driveway. Would be nice to have the pan cam that is installed in between be able to move in the direction in which it is triggered.

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I’ve set up custom waypoints for my Cam Pan, two of which focus on doors that have Wyze sense contact sensors on them. It would be awesome if, through rules, we cold make the Cam Pan not only start recording, but also focus on a specific custom waypoint.

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I have two doors with wyze sense attached and my Pan Camera in between the doors and would also like the ability to set way points to be trigger by the sensors triggering. So this gets my vote as well…

Any updates on this?

It would be cool to have a camera pan into the direction of a motion sensor that was triggered and record. Picture a camera pointed in the center of a yard and two motion sensors out of view left and right. When one of them senses motion, the camera pans in that direction and records. Possibly even track motion from that point? Just a dream LOL

Hello all I currently use my pan cam in my garage mounted from the ceiling. I was messing around with the setting and rules and noticed there was no option to set a rule for a certain time such as sleep time to have the cam start its preset pan motion. I think that would be a great feature for times like that when I want it to cover multiple entries.

Secondly, when it comes to pan motion I wish there was a separate setting or rule that would pan to a certain door that opens and is sensed by either motion sensor or entry sensor. You would end up mapping the room just like you would for pan motion presets!!

Hopefully I’m not the only one and the devs can get it in the works!

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I created an account just to come here and say this. It seems we have almost the same set up. I am not very happy to see that its been almost 2 years and this isn’t integrated already. I’m about to code the darn thing myself.

I am shocked that this isn’t a standard function yet. Maybe Wyze will make this a paid upgrade. Seems like services is the direction the company is headed.