Wyze Sense is smart; Google, not so much

I have two sensors installed on windows that I often forget to close at night, and they work fine. What’s funny to me is, I can ask Google, “Is (named) window open?” and Google will respond, if it is open, “Yes, (named) window is open.” But if I then ask Google, “Are any windows open?” the response is “That device isn’t set up yet…” Computer programs are so dumb! Or maybe I should say, they’re so literal-minded. When will they get enough “fuzzy logic”, or whatever it is, to make the leap from a specific, named window/device to a general condition applying across a set of similar devices? Are Siri or Alexa any smarter than Google, in this respect?

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Or, conversely, you could learn how to speak their language

Hey, who’s supposed to be the master here, the human or the software?

(Once upon a millennium ago I could program a teeny weeny bit in Basic, but I doubt if that counts anymore.)

Good question.

You could certainly put multiple sensors in a group and address them in a single name, but I just don’t know how “on” and “off” are handled in that situation when they are in different states.

As to the state of the art, yeah we’re getting there, in fits and starts.

I would suppose that you would first set up each sensor to perform as you wish and then create the group and add them to it… Not sure whether individual sensor actions take priority over group actions or not…

I tried setting up a group of sensors in the Google Home app, but that app only allows groups of speakers. I also tried putting my two window sensors into a group (“Windows “) in the Wyze app, but Google Home seems only to recognize individual (Wyze) devices, not groups of devices. Oh well.

However, there is a solution! It turns out that, if I just ask Google, “Are windows open?” Google then replies with the status of each “window” (sensor), i.e., whether it is open or closed. That is, in this case, it replies, “The office window onto the deck is open, the TV room window onto the front yard is closed.” So I guess the solution is simple: simply use a plural in the question without any qualifiers such as “any”.

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There must be users around here who can report how it works in Alexa and Apple lands. Mine aren’t set up yet.