Wyze Sense Hub will not connect to WiFi

Hi, all! Rec’d my Wyze Home Monitoring kit a few days ago. Activated it today and began setting it up. The setup instructions states that if my modem is not in a central location, then the hub can connect to WiFi. I tried setting it up on WiFi several times, but connection kept failing. Finally, I decided to connect it to my modem using an ethernet cable and it connected fine - I was then able to add the keypad, entry and motion sensors. All works fine when connected by cable, but when I disconnect the cable, I stop receiving all notifications. Is the hub not able to operate unless connected to the modem directly via ethernet cable?

Also, is there a way to disable all notifications when system is disarmed or in “home” mode? Thanks!

As to wifi, others have posted that you may need to disable anything other than 2.4ghz on the router while setting up the hub. You may also need to disable your cell phone connection during the setup so you are only connected to the 2.4ghz wifi. Don’t know about notifications although you should search through posts here on the forum as I believe I have seen other complaints about this.

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Thanks for tip, @WildBill . The phone I was using to setup was connected to 5ghz, so all I had to do was connect my phone to the 2.5ghz and it worked!

Still wishing there is a way to turn off entry and motion sensor notifications while in disarmed or home mode. Wyze Wizards have any suggestions on this?

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Those are turned off like any other notification. Go into the “regular” side of Wyze (not Home Monitoring) and turn off the notifications on the sensor or motion detector.

I have a Home & Away shortcut routine that turns all those things on or off accordingly. I even made a shortcut to MUTE everything in case I don’t want anything… And I can make all those come on or off… via my Wyze Watch 47 Shortcuts.

I turn off lights, plugs, turn down the thermostat, and turn on notifications … all by the press of 1 shortcut button on a cheap $25 watch. It works great.

Shortcuts are the key to managing a Wyze ecosystem… Additionally; I have setup my house that when the Thermostat sets itself to Home (assuming I will be there), it will set all the lights, plugs, and notifications on sensors/motions to the way I want it… the same for setting the thermostat to Sleep (turn on notifications, turn off lights, etc…)… and Away… turn on 100% of all notifications including motion in the house.

Reference: 5 cameras, 7 door sensors, Thermostat, 3 motion, doorbell, Cam Plus on 3 cameras… If I don’t try to script everything, then having all this stuff is pointless because I would just be clicking all day to continually set things up the way I want.

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Thanks, @Earl.Automation . I just ordered the Wyze Watch 47. I looked through the shortcut feature and do agree that it will be helpful with the notifications. BUT… I would prefer to initiate the shortcuts through the monitoring system instead of the thermostat. ie. when I “arm” the system, then notifications would turn on, thermostat would be set to sleep or away, cams would turn on, etc. Curious as to why Wyze has not made shortcuts available through the monitoring system. Also, it sucks that Wyze monitoring will not recognize the doorbell cams as security cams.

I am having an issue with connecting the hub to WiFi. My only internet is in my nursery so need to get the hub out. But when I go to the app to change connection I get a notification. ‘Feature Currently Under Development.’ I have everything updated to the latest firmware. Is there a work around to this as everyone else seems to be getting on fine with it?
Can anyone help at all?

This post explains the basics for how to switch to wifi: