Wyze Sense Hub Firmware Released - 3/2/22

I just posted a detailed report for this issue to the Fix-It Friday 4/1/22 thread.

Fix-It Friday 4/1/22 - Wyze News - Wyze Forum (wyzecam.com)

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See the point I’m making though is this is not an excuse or even a reason to justify any of this because the only thing that should be being worked on right now is allowing and/or supporting firmware downgrading. This whole, we don’t have the data we need to fix it so there is nothing we can do act, is crap. There most certainly is something that can be done and it’s even more important that it be done then finding the root cause of this firmware problem. Supporting firmware downgrading will be invaluable now and for the foreseeable future. Anytime there is a firmware problem (with wyze it’s about 78% of the firmware released has a new or preexisting bug) downgrading will allow users to continue to use the devices they paid for. See because having to wait such extended periods of time, like months, just to use a device that was already paid for setup and in use is just crazy to me. Iv never experienced that with any other company or product in my entire life.

I remember in the past after updating firmware on a device you used to be able to go to device settings and select firmware and it would show up to date and below it there was a green link that said “having trouble” or something along those lines and when you clicked on it, it would give you the option to revert back to previous firmware. What happened to that?

Really even if they don’t increase the QA on firmware updates (which definitely needs to be done) at least if all their devices support firmware downgrading then the consumer still has options. If it’s a critical feature they lost or a critical device that won’t function they can rollback. If it’s a feature they don’t use or device that isn’t that important they can choose to wait it out. But it’s unacceptable for wyze to be making those choices on behalf of the consumer when it forces the consumer to now be on wyze’s timeline and priority schedule. Especially when wyze has to know they have a problem making good firmware.

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Hello. I’m also now having major issues with the Wyze Sense Hub. I think it mostly started with this firmware however I looked into updating it in the first place because I noticed not all of my sensors were listed under the settings for the hub. And that was when I was on version After updating (to, it still does not show all of my sensors which are connected to the hub but now the problem seems worse. Any attempt I make to change the connection for the hub, from Wi-Fi to ethernet or vice versa, or changing the Wi-Fi network, results in all of my sensors losing connection to the hub. The hub still appears to be connected but none of the sensors are connected to it. Also, if I re-add the hub, with or without changing the internet connection first, it also loses all connection with the sensors. So then, I have to go and manually re-add all of my sensors to the hub. This way, they appear to reconnect and stay connected and I don’t have to mess with my rules at all. However, I’m afraid I may have to fully delete the hub and then re-add it. Last time I tried that, many of my rules were also deleted which included anything to do with the sensors that were connected to the hub. So I’m saving that as a last resort. I’m also wondering if I need to reset the Wyze Home Monitoring, if that makes any difference with this.

So, there’s an issue with reconnecting to the sensors after making any change to the internet connection to the hub, or re-adding the hub. Also, the settings for the hub does not show all of the connected sensors. When you pull to refresh, it just spins and continues to show the same sensors which does not include all of my sensors that are connected to the hub. This is quite annoying. Also, I already tried to submit a log, and for some reason I’m not able to. It gets to the last page but when I hit the submit button nothing happens. I’m not sure why this has to be so difficult. Can you please fix it. Also, I think I read somewhere that you were sending replacement hubs to people so they could send back theirs to figure out what is going on. I would be willing to do that if necessary to get this fixed. Thank you.

Also, after holding down reset for 10 seconds, it seems to automatically reconnect. I’m not sure if that is normal. I thought it would lose connection to the internet and to the app and you would need to re-add it. But it finds it again right away but nothing is connected to it. It shows some of the sensors connected in the settings, however none of them are really connected. I can see the sensors triggering but it is not reflected in the app. After re-adding the sensors to the hub, then they work normally and their status reads correctly in the app.

Is there any way to backup all of my rules and settings locally so that if they are lost when I remove the hub and re-add it, that I can import them again? Thanks.


After re-reading some posts, I decided to try toggling the home monitoring service from disarmed to home and back to disarmed. I did this a couple of times. I did It once from the keypad and once in the app. Then, after that I noticed that all of my sensors were reconnected to the hub and their status was showing correctly in the app. This was after I did a soft reset, so none of my sensors were connected because of the firmware bug or whatever. But it seems that toggling the monitoring service reconnected the sensors. So the bug must have something to do with the connection to the home monitoring service. Things seem to be working correctly now with the sensors and the rules. But I’m still not able to see all of the sensors under the settings for the hub. It just shows the first ones and then when you try to scroll down you just get a refresh circle but after refreshing, it still doesn’t show the other sensors. I’m not sure what all this means, but I thought it might be helpful for someone. Hopefully they get this fixed soon! If they fix it with a firmware update I’ll want to try it right away to see if the problem is fixed, but I’ll also be a little nervous based on what the last firmware updates have done. We’ll see I guess. I’m also still not sure why I can’t submit a log. I’m unable to submit it for the hub or for anything else. The submit button does not seem to work.

I figured it out. I didn’t realize you had to type in details. I just referenced these posts in those details. And I submitted the log. Log ID: 546883

@UserCustomerGwen there still has not been anything done about this problem with the sense hub. Iv seen wyze make a lot of changes lately, release new products, new features updates, among other things. Even a new update for the sense hub with a little note that explicitly states it doesn’t fix the issues of the hub not working at all. But god forbid you take a couple days and dedicate a team to work on the major problems with the HMS, in order to offer the users a means to downgrade firmware or fix this problem.

We are now going on 50 days that the HMS system has been broken with barely any effort on wyze part to care or even act like they care. Let alone actually do the work needed to fix the problem.

I’m really trying to keep my cool here, be nice, and not do anything drastic but wyze is really putting our backs against a wall and giving us no choice but to get more aggressive with this matter until we actually get taken seriously and this problem gets taken seriously and gets the attention it deserves. As time goes on people will get more and more irritated and the matters taken will get more serious. What’s it going to take for wyze to take this seriously? A news/media station putting the company on blast for its shady tactics and the way it’s handled this? I’m sure they would love how americas new favorite tech company has left its users vulnerable without a functioning security system for 50 days. Plus the responses from wyze on the matter practically acting like the problem doesn’t exist, are just the icing on that cake and they are all saved on the internet forever. You know how people can get when it comes to safety in their own homes. Or maybe a class action lawsuit for the affected users would be better? What’s it going to take? What do we have to do to get wyze to take this seriously and offer a fix and also a solution to reassure users that wyze will make sure this never happens again. You guys are making yourself look absolutely AWFUL with the way you are handling this problem.

I’m really fed up with this company at this point and Iv put so much faith and trust in this company it’s really disheartening to see it being ran like this, to see wyze make a major mistake and then treat users the way we’ve been treated is atrocious and abusive. They very few comments wyze has been made on the issue makes it sound like the issues doesn’t even exist or where it does exist it’s a minor inconvenience and that is far from the truth. Wyze is being straight up deceitful in many ways and trying to hide this. That’s why they won’t even respond to any questions about this. They know they are wrong and they don’t care. Straight into the ground is where this company will end up if these practices continue.

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I am confident that you already know that there has been a firmware update in beta testing for a couple of days now and you are participating in that beta to get it out to users with good fixes as fast as possible.

And I am also confident that you have already searched the forums for posts on this topic like when Wyze updated users on this issue and requested logs and feedback on 4\19, especially since you posted regularly there.

Or when Wyze updated users on this issue and requested logs and feedback on 4\11:

Or when Wyze updated users on this issue and requested logs and feedback on 4\5:

Or when Wyze updated users on this issue and requested logs and feedback on 3\28, especially since you posted there.

Or when Wyze updated users on this issue and requested logs and feedback on 3\22:

Or when Wyze updated users on this issue and requested logs and feedback on 3\8:

Your missing the point. It’s not my job to do wyze job for them. They have already received plenty of logs and plenty of detailed info from many users.

It’s not the users job to do testing and report their findings to wyze in order for wyze to fix a major problem with a device so the user can actually use it again. That’s wyze’s job. The fact that they said they couldn’t do anything until they got more info from users directly shows that at no point in time has wyze done any of their own testing or even tried on their own accord to find a cause to this issues. All they have done is sit back and go through all the hard work and testing that the users have done and then report back that they still can’t fix it. None of us are on the payroll and it is not our responsibly or our job to test these problems and send info and logs to wyze. They need to start doing that on their own. If they did their own testing starting at the first report of this problem it would have been fixed weeks ago. But we have lost so much time cause wyze is literally just sitting with there thumb up there ass waiting for more hard work and info to come in from users instead of actually putting in the work themselves.

They also have not made one single comment regarding allowing us to downgrade firmware. I have asked about it here and on other forums many many times. Not one answer regarding that matter or why they have not allowed downgrading or have not reissued the last stable firmware as a new update to re load a stable version. That’s literally all it would have took weeks ago to keep users system working and keep users happy. See because then while everybody systems are back in functioning condition wyze can take all the time it wants to find a solution to those firmware bugs and nobody would be upset about how long it takes cause at least our systems would be usable.

See because at the end of the day if they issue a new firmware that fixes these bugs today, but they still do not allow firmware downgrading then the system still has a major vulnerability and problems going forward in the future. All it will take it is another bad firmware to be released (happens all the time with wyze) and all of us will be right back in the same situation with no means to continue using our devices. Its unacceptable for such a critical device to have no means of working around bad firmware. No means of handling situation exactly like this one and no attempts or any effort on wyze parts to even try and address that issue or do anything about it going forward.


You certainly are entitled to your opinion. Perhaps it’s just time for you to cut your losses and drop the platform rather than to be constantly worked into a lather over this.

I, like many others, have not experienced a loss in service from my hub. Which may be one of the reasons Wyze has had a difficult time in isolating the limited issue. When it doesn’t affect everyone using the hardware across the board, the only way to pinpoint the cause is to get active feedback from willing customers who are affected. But, if you are unwilling to be a part of that solution, I can certainly empathize with your decision to seek a solution on a different IoT platform.

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Continuing the discussion from Wyze Sense Hub Firmware Released - 3/2/22:

I’m feeling your pain, I have been a wyze backer since inception and have over 40+ wyze products in my house and I am beyond livid with the HMS as I am out of the country again and for two updates in a row now it has taken down my security system at the house and these jokers are taking their sweet time getting this corrected…The first time I flew back home from south africa to reset and reconfigure the entire system due to these wanna be tech support, a new shift comes in and they expect you to run all the same test over and over…should i get broken into I will take this to the next level…release a new FIX WYZE IMMEDIATELY…

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Have you tried calling them and asking for a new hub? I was able to get one that was not updated with the new firmware and that is the only way that we were able to get our system online again.

Thanks for the input…been trying all by email and that is just fruitless with these individuals…I just placed call and of course outside business hours…so will try again tomorrow.

Still having same issues described in this thread using Has it been resolved or why this thread is dead. I have basically the very same symptoms.

Here’s the latest update:

Thx for the info.

In my case with the few last sensors (got around 40 I think, I do t even know anymore) additions I got into the trouble described here, for 1-3h after addition the sensor status wouldn’t update, no voice notifications about switching to home/away/disarm, no tune when opening doors or windows. Instead soMe cracking sound and constant mess with the blinking lights. Previously it went away after few hours but today it’s stuck in that situation for half a day and I’ve tired everything with exception for hard reset (40+ sensors in strange places)…. So it’s not the situation where I get the “ready to connect” - nothing happens when trying to add new sensor.

Any idea if the hard reset helps? If I knew it helps I might go for it and waste 2h of crawling in some cases…

I have read posts from some people who said that resetting everything back to factory settings and setting up everything from scratch helped resolve their issues, but I have not personally tried that. I have been waiting for them to release the next firmware update before I try anything else.

For me, the big issue is that after the firmware update, everything stops working. With this last update, initially the sensors were working and could be seen working in the app, but the rules weren’t working and none of my lights would turn on. After I re-added the hub, none of my sensors were connected. Then I had to re-connect all of my sensors. But now everything is working again. There needs to be some way to update the hub without having issues like this. I really hope they can get it figured out.

I’ve just done a factory reset. All sensors are gone but the hub is still in the same miserable status. No voice, no nothing. Cannot connect sensors.

Horrible. I regret going with Wyze.

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Try to contact support they’ve been very good with me they’ll send you another hub

You have a lot of sensors personally I wouldn’t have reset the hub it’s time consuming to reset them back up I would have requested a new one