Wyze Sense Help

I feel like an idiot and I am hoping that someone can help me. Our Wyze Sense came in today and I cannot get it to connect, I have been trying for over an hour. Here is all the info I can give you to help:

Wyze Cam 2 Firmware Version is:
According to the Google Play Store my app is up to date.

Our apartment complex has a community internet plan with Spectrum, so if the Bridge or the Sense have a MAC address, I would need that so I can tell my device manager to accept it.

The bridge is connect on the back with a solid blue light.
I go to Add A Product, Wyze Contact Sensor, I click on the Cam where the Bridge is, it says Right Bridge Is Ready To Be Connected, I use the pin and put it in the reset hole of the sense until the light blinks 3 times, I take the pin out…and then nothing.

I have taken the bridge out and let it set for 30 seconds and then connect it again.
I have taken the battery out of the Sense and put it back in.

Nothing is helping. Help

Like I said, if it connects to the internet I would need the MAC address so I can add it to my devices.


I have tried doing it right next to the Cam and also by the door which is about 10-15 feet from the camera. It is in an open room.

I have tried to connect with the two pieces of the Sense touching and apart.

I just figured this out and it was left out of the instructions. After you stick the pin in and get 3 or 5 red flashes, then you go back to the new bridge you plugged into your camera and there is an invisible button right in the middle. Depress that button and you will hear it tell you it’s connected. Pick up the app and it prompts you to name the sensor. Crazy it was left out of instructions.

@gabe.klein that worked, I just held that button in until it connected. Thank you.

:+1: no prob I was stumped too

I didn’t have to do that. But I put the PIR on first.
/edit - and as far as MAC address it’s under device info.

What is the PIR?

PIR stands for Passive infrared sensor and it looks for heat inside of change of pixels like the camera do which makes it more accurate.

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@mixonepa, how would that work for the Wyze Sense? I already had the app and cameras.

First add the bridge to back sside usb port in camera. Then insert the pin in sensor hole it will blink 3 times and get successfully conected.

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That wasn’t working.

I tried what you did to get them to connect and was unable to.

You might have to get out of the app and back in again, and power cycle all parts.
Did you hear the message the bridge is connected?

I tried all of those suggestions and am not able to connect. I am going to try and remove the battery from a sensor and put it back as I’m resetting the sensor. I found this from someone else who said it worked.

Yes or no?

When I tap on the sensor I want to connect it says Wyze Bridge ready to connect.

I think you have to get that voice message (and some blinking light)
UNFORTUNATELY they did not put that in the printed instructions OR the online


@WyzeRoy or anyone at Wyze: The Motion Sensor specs state the detection window is 120 degrees. With a Motion Sensor mounted on a wall, I presume this means the sensor has a horizontal (left to right) field of vision of 120 degrees, but I do not know whether the projected field of vision is a right regular cone or a flattened (slanted) cone. Question 1: Is the vertical (top to bottom) field of vision also 120 degrees? Question 2: With the sensor mounted on a wall, does the sensor look directly downward to the floor or is it angled/slanted forward and by what degree?