Wyze Sense Formal Specs and Product Descriptions

First, let me say that I really like Wyze cameras and think highly of Wyze as a company. I also know that Wyze is a young company, so perhaps not everything is ironed out. But this is no way to introduce a new product: Wyze Sense. So I get an email about Sense, with the link to a video. The video was interesting, but where is the meat? Where are the written details of what this is, how it works, etc.? You know, the formal written product descriptions and specs! I go to the forum and people are asking all kinds of questions - obviously because there are no product descriptions. Wyze should not force customers to waste their time digging through the disorganized, confusing and unresolved forum posts. Just to cover my rear end, let me apologize if there is a product description and I can’t find it. But I would expect an obvious and prominent link to that description with the introductory email and pre-order offer, or on the /wyze-sense/ web page.

I requested early this morning that Wyze provide specs for the Wyze Sense so we could point forum members to that information when requested.

Support pages will come later because they haven’t actually fulfilled any orders yet. I fully expect those will be available once the devices ship.


Specs are in the app. I don’t know if they’re anywhere else though.

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That’s great for anyone who has the app installed. But it wasn’t good for anyone who has not purchased any products, or installed the app yet, and they just want information from the website. Wyze put some FAQs for the Sense on their website last night. :slight_smile:



Thank you for your replies and prompt action. Yes, a product description is particularly important for visitors who are not already Wyze customers. A potential customer will move right along when he or she can’t find info. Also, since the product is being offered for sale (pre-order) then it’s also important to have the information (easily available) before someone orders, because you don’t want remorseful customers. The Wyze Sense FAQ was good. Please put a link on the /wyze-sense/ web page.

Not sure what you’re referring to here… :thinking:

Please put a link to the Wyze Sense FAQ:
on the Wyze Sense page:
(Home Monitoring & Automation – Wyze).
If you Google “Wyze Sense”, one of the first links you get is Home Monitoring & Automation – Wyze

I’ll check it out and let Wyze know. (BTW, forum mods don’t work for Wyze. We’re volunteers. :slight_smile: )


I’ll give your suggestion to the rest of the team. :slight_smile:

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