Wyze Sense Contact Sensor Always Open

@Big_monkey, I have moved your post to one of the more active topics for this issue. I assure you, Wyze is aware and troubleshooting the issues. Please post in active topics whenever possible. Multiple posts on the same subject just makes it harder for the mods and for Wyze to track the issues being experienced. :slight_smile:


Ok, thanks for the post assistance.


I am getting the same experience my contact sensors have good signal. But sporadic results. Sometimes will notify when open and sometimes not. So frustrating.


Add me to the list, paired new sensor, registers open and notifies open but not closes :cry:


Same issue here. Sensor reports always open. It’s functional except it never says it’s closed.

When first installed it worlds as expected.

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Please try the trick of extending the antenna, see here: Wyze sense / bridge range - #8 by Caryten

It solves this problem for me.

I think Wyze should include this in next version of the sensor, make a detachable wire to extended the antenna if needed. Also need an opening on the casing to allow the wire through.

Why not have something similar to a mini headphone jack (with accompanying antennae wire) that you can just plug in? This would allow the user to either use or not use the extended antennae as needed.

It would be a very simple addition but would of course increase the mfgr cost and ultimately reflect on consumer pricing.

Either way, it is a suggestion that perhaps Wyze will consider in future renditions of it’s now extremely popular cameras.

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I recently bought 2 contact sensors. One does not work and the parts are rattling around inside. The other works, but the push notification time is out by one hour. I have synced the camera it is tied to but it makes no difference.

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Try hitting it with a hammer. Maybe the reed is stuck :man_shrugging:

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I couldn’t agree more. After over a week of no response from my support ticket, Wyze sent me a new box with a new bridge, two door sensors and a motion sensor - their starter kit. I attached the new bridge and paired two door sensors. Instead of getting 5 blinking red lights I got 3. They paired correctly. I tried opening the door then closing and it worked in that I got notifications and the app showed the correct status. An hour later I open the door, then close it and the app shows the sensor open. I open the door and nothing, no notification. I close the door and get a notification that the door is open and the app says the door is closed. Folks these sensors are buggy as hell. I’ve asked Wyze for a fix or refund. What they should have done is to replace my entire order (cam, starter kit and extra box of sensor) and followed up with a call. I’ve spent at least 3 to 4 hours trying everything under the sun. Wyze is starting to remind me of a company called DJI. The point is, if you can’t 100% on your home security door sensors, then what’s the point?

Let’s see how long they take to get back to me regarding my request for a refund or to get me a product that works.

I feel like a guinea pig for their products. Not cool.


Hi Moderator,

Just for your information, I’ve submitted multiple tickets from within the app to send log files and it doesn’t work. Please stop telling users to use that feature. If you think it does work, then please explain to me why I never get a response back from Wyze? No email that says you’re ticket has been received, No ticket trail on the app, Just pure silence. Have you ever tried to eat your own dog food and submitted a ticket from within the app yourself and received a reply?

You and the other mods, should get together and stand up for us customers. Look at how many issues there are and no one from Wyze tech support sets foot into these forums. No one from Wyze provides the decency to treat us as valuable customers. Want proof, look at this one thread alone:

It goes back over a year and absolute silence from Wyze and no resolution. Furthermore, you and other mods know full well that opening a ticket is a joke. It takes over a week to get a response and when you do, they don’t read your emails and reply back with a canned response in hopes of delaying the process or that we as customers just give up and go away. That’s not right. So if you have problems sleeping knowing what you know is true, then please do me and every one else on this forum who has a technical issue a favor.

Walk in as a group and tell Wyze corporate that you’ve had it and demand that they fix their products or not release them for us to beta test for them. Their devs should live on these forums and not leave until problems are resolved.


Hello webauthor,

My name is Gwendolyn and I work for Wyze. As a quick note, posts in Ask the Community are considered to be user-to-user and Wyze doesn’t generally step in (which is why there wasn’t a response from us here or in the post that you linked). The moderator you were speaking to let me know about this post.

I want to start by saying that I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been having a negative experience with our support. I’ll share your feedback with the team and, if you would be open to providing your support ticket number(s), I would like to look into what happened. I would also like to look into what’s happening with your support tickets through the app if you’re up for troubleshooting that with me. Most people receive automatic responses with support ticket numbers and I want to make sure that you are able to reach us if needed. Support is further behind than we would like to be but we are working on it and we apologize for the delays in response.

While I understand your frustration with Wyze, what you said to the moderator is posted without knowledge of the communication the mods have with us privately. The mods are the people spending their free time helping the people in this forum. They give me support ticket numbers, tell us about problems that they’re seeing, bring me to posts (such as this one), and they work closely with us so that we can improve our products and services. They stand up for you because they care about your experiences. The moderators help keep an eye on things and they step in for cases such as yours where Wyze dropped the ball and we need to do better. They volunteer hours every week out of their personal lives because of how much they love and care about the community and wanting to make a welcoming and helpful place for everyone.

I’m going to take a look at the thread that you linked now. If you have others that you want me to look at, please let me know. Part of my role at Wyze is sending information over to the dev side so that they are freed up to work on development.


For everyone here, we’re looking into cases where the sensors are reporting as always open or closed. We apologize for the trouble. If you’re running into this problem, please send in a log through the app by going to Account > Help & Feedback > Report an Issue. Once you send in the email with the log, you should receive a reply email with a support ticket number. If that does not happen, please try using this form instead: Submit a request – Wyze.

Once you receive a ticket number, please give that to me so that I can scoop up your ticket and get it where it needs to go.


Hi, in the last 2 weeks my sensors are always giving false positives - to the point that it said my front door had been opened so i drove all the way home to find door was fine and the sensor had decided to say it was open.

I also have a similar issue with a bedroom sensor which will always notifiy its opened, but never closed. This is despite the red led flashing when the sensors opened and closed, just fails to report it back to “base.”

Have reported and submitted logs to WYZE via the app but had no response. I am now starting to see each of my sensors showing battery indicator warnings… I’ve had the sensors maybe 2 months so batteries should not be expiring so soon, would be unable to afford replacing every battery bi-monthly.

If i restart the bridge then the battery indicators disappear on affected sensors but still the sensors are problematic.

To conclude:

  • Affected Sensors always acknowledge “opening”
  • They never acknowledge “closing” (ie you can keep triggering OPEN notification by opening/closing window, but the closing notification/status never triggers
  • All sensors regardless of reporting open/close will flash red when sensors are in close proximity - so it appears hardware is picking up sensor triggers just not relaying
  • I am periodically getting battery warning within the app on affected sensors - after a hub reboot they go away. And I have cycled the batteries from another fully working unit and still get low battery

Not convinced the sensors are robust tested enough, nor battery life tested. My home alarm is wireless and those sensors only need battery replacements every 48 months,

2 months battery life indicates something is not right if the drain is happening - either poor quality batteries or the system is sapping the battery life.

Any help appreciated - especially as no response from wyze after log submits.


Same symptoms with mine

There may be some bad sensors out there, but I wanted to bring up an installation situation I encountered where the sensor may only look bad.

When I installed my garage door sensor, I found it only reliably reported ‘open’. When I could get a closed indication, it always reported open no problem. But closed was hard to come by.

I came to two conclusions: My bridge in the back of the house was too far away, and the problem with the closed indication being unreliable was aggravated by the sending unit being surrounded by metal when it was in the closed position (the door rail & door itself). When it reported open it was free of the rail.

So I moved the bridge closer, and mounted the sensor on top of the door. Works perfectly now. So whereas there may be some bad sensors out there, metal & distance count.

Sensors that don’t blink are just bad, I’m sure. For one thing, they should blink. On sensors that blink, I’d consider the installation first, because a replacement sensor still won’t work if the installation has a weak signal due to distance or metal. If that’s good, go for the replacement.


My sensors are always showing closed, very frustrating

Yes…this is frustrating. All Wyze is telling me is to update my App which I’ve done prior to his recommendation. Then delete and re-install. My garage door and main door says Open when it’s physically closed. It does the opposite. Right now both doors still says Open. I will be returning this package some time this week. I like the Wyze Pan Cam though. Might re-order a second one.

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Frustrating is an understatement. After receiving a new starter kit, the new sensors and bridge they sent me worked for a few open and closes then started giving false readings again. The most frustrating part is the lack of Wyze support. You have to go through the game of twenty questions with several of their support staff before anyone bothers to look at the original ticket. By then you have 4 tickets open with 4 different people and all of them doing the same thing - nothing. Just emailing you canned responses. At this point I got “Wise” to “Wyze” - they’re tactic is to stall you and make you want to rip your hair out hoping you’ll just go away. To add insult to injury, Wyze support supposedly doesn’t even monitor their own forum. Instead they use forum moderators who live here and apparently work for free and who “are not” Wyze employees (Let me know if you’re interested in a shinny new bridge). I wish you luck on trying to get your money back, I tried for close to two weeks to get an refund. I finally gave up. It wasn’t worth my time or energy. Wyze obviously doesn’t care. If they did, they’d provide better support for their obviously buggy products. If you can’t trust a sensor being in it’s correct state of either open or closed - then what’s the point? And the cream de la cream is when you’re post gets flagged for telling the truth about these sensors or when you express legitimate concerns. One last thing… go look at how many Youtube videos they have devoted to helping solve a problem with their sensors or their bridge. I think there is only one compared to all their other sales or “look at the bear in by backyard” videos. Hey, you get what you pay for. Good luck on getting a refund.


I had trouble with one of the wyze sensors. It would only detect in the state it was in (open/closed) when added to the app.
I had to remove it from the app, update the bridge, and then add the sensor back again. Now, it reliably detects open and closed.
When it did not distinguish between the 2 states, the LED would still indicate that it was active/functional.
It has now been 2 weeks and it has not presented any problems.
The first sensor in the kit has worked from the start, did not need any firmware updates.

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