Wyze Sense and Timers

I received my Wyze Sense starter kit and so far am happy with the performance and snappyness with open/closure and start/stop motion. However, with motion triggering it would be good to either from the Wyze app or through other integrations to add a timer. For example, if motion is detected (or not detected) for a period of time then send the event. Unfortunately, IFTTT does not have timer delays so having a light say come on when you enter a room for a period of time is not possible as the no motion detected event happens pretty quickly (unless you are flailing your arms about!) … integration as a trigger in Amazon Alexa app or Yonomi integration would help in this area. In the past, I would have suggested Stringify, but this service is unfortunately going away. Adding timers and other services that can trigger on actions beyond IFTTT would make these VERY powerful and useful. Please help to consider expanding their functionality! Keep up the good work!

For the integrations part of your post, there are already other #wishlist topics increasing Alexa and IFTTT integration and for Yonomi. Please search the #wishlist and add your vote to those that interest you. You can search the #wishlist using the following link:

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