Wyze Security Health Check-in notification

Just received a notification for a Wyze security health check-in, asking me to log in to read your top 6 tips for account security.

Can we not please? Can we not start sending pointless notifications to generate engagement like some kind of free mobile game? That would be really appreciated.

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And I thought this notification was due to 90% of my Wyze products being offline due to inferior Wyze hardware/software!

Just tried to read it but it just took me to my last cam viewed. Now I’m curious what it said.

I got that notice too. I opened it and as soon as I touched the screen it went away. Couldn’t figure out how to get it back to read it. Not a very well thought out approach.

Is this in the app or Facebook?

Well, darn. Looks like it didn’t behave as expected because you definitely were supposed to have time to read it. I’ll share this feedback with the team.

We’ve noticed that many people aren’t using the best security practices and want to do our part to promote education. I’ll give this feedback to the team as well. :slight_smile:

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I would personally much rather see this as some kind of alert or banner in the app itself instead of as a notification. A notification to me is something that calls for immediate attention. Either the notification is poorly worded and what you were trying to communicate is more important than getting me to read some tips, or it is worded correctly and just not that urgent, in which case it doesn’t need to be a notification.

Just my two cents.

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I saw the notification pop up on one of my Android tablets. By the time I got the screen unlocked it had disappeared.
I agree with @hybridhavoc, this is not what notifiocations are for. If you want to advertise or direct traffic to your web site use your app or email.


Thank you both for your feedback! I like the banner idea. :slight_smile:

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