Wyze Scale v2 ideas

I would love to have the Wyze scale wider, when I stand on it now my knees are automatically together and so it is difficult getting readings. This would be resolved if I could step wider on the scale.

I’ve had stomach surgery and although I love the scale it’s not accurate for me. It would be awesome if I was able to have an area that had some of the more common special conditions that might cause someone’s weight to be higher “excess skin” or lower “missing limb”. Stillight not be as accurate but then at least bmi could be approximated a little closer.

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Imagine you had a baby. You want to track the weight at home, fully aware that it is not official. Most parents weight themselves “P” then take the baby and weight together “P+B” and then calculate baby weight “B”. The math is easy; but tracking is not. Why not allow users to create a profile in which the subtraction feature is there so the baby weight tracking is plotted as a function of time. Wyze app has everything but the subtraction feature. I don’t think the baby-weight tracking feature is in any similar scale in the market. It could be a(nother) great differentiator for the product with comparitively less work needed.

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Hi, I’m looking for a smart accessible scale for a blind person.
Wyze Scale app for iOS is relatively accessible with VoiceOver (screen reader of iOS), but it would be great if it is more accessible like

  • sound/vibration indication when the weight or fat measurement completed
  • text labels for image icons
  • individual accessible component for each measurement items

I was trying to connect to the scale with my own program via Bluetooth, but it is difficult to get weight values because of something like an encrypted negotiation. So an SDK or open protocol for the scale is also appreciated!