Wyze Scale - two readings per user per day

I would like to have the ability to have an AM and PM reading saved to the app for each user.

You can look at the history to see all the weights for all users for the primary account holder. It just doesn’t show all the weights on the trend graph.

I can see the weights in Trend graph, but no history. If I weigh myself in the AM, then weigh myself in the PM the AM weight is over written.

@joel7 - that is odd. I usually weigh in around three times a day (a habit I picked up from testing the thing in the beginning) and I get all readings in the history. Just the trend graph shows the latest reading.
Have you kept up with the Firmware and App updates, and are you using any of the Beta testing apps?

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I believe I have the latest firmware and I am on the BETA app which is up to date. On ios, and don’t see a history tab or icon. Where’s the history?

I thought it was overwritten at first too. You have to click on trend as seen here. There is no history tab or icon. I feel that they should make it more visible which would be a good wish list idea. That’s how it works on Android at least…

Yes, I see that! But for my purposes I want the one in the morning (AM) to be in the trend chart, and the others showing in History is great. So what is happening is that the last measurement shows in trend and the others are in history. Would be nice to be able to set the measurement you want to be in trend. Does that make sense?

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Yes that makes sense… Maybe adjust your topic to be able to manually designate the weight listed in the trend graph.