Wyze scale sensitivity

I’d like to know how sensitive the wyze scale is. Can it sense weight as low as 500-600 grams? I was hoping to use it (not JUST) for my bearded dragon, But it would be nice to have something bigger to set him on when weighing him.

Technically, yes. Realistically for your application, no.

The range of the scale is 5-180 kg. The resolution of the scale is 0.1 kg. So technically, you could put your dragon in a 5+ kg box/container, take a weight measurement, subtract the weight of the box and it should give you a reading within 100 g.

Realistically, this is not good. If your dragon weighs 500 g, your measurement could be off by ±20% because the resolution is too large for your application. You really need a scale with a lower range and a smaller resolution. For example, 0-2 kg with a resolution of 1 g.