Wyze Scale S - Smaller Frame. Bigger Punch! 👊 9/30/21

I just ordered a scale.
After reading this thread, I’m rethinking my purchase.
It seems this new scale has less functionality.
Maybe the original Wyze scale is a better option for me?


How soon is soon for Fitbit Compatibility? Been saying this for what feels like years.

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The scales are good for different use cases! I wouldn’t say one is better than the other. If you have pets, babies, or luggage that you want to weigh, I’d definitely go with Wyze Scale S. If heart rate measurement is important to you, I’d go with Wyze Scale. If you want to travel with a scale, Wyze Scale S is better. If you have larger feet, you’ll probably want Wyze Scale. It all depends on your needs. These aren’t meant to be a better than the other type of thing. We’ll still be selling Wyze Scale. :slight_smile:


Pet/Baby Mode was a feature the partner had already implemented when we started working on Wyze Scale S. :slight_smile:


Isn’t this a xaiomi mi scale?
I have one looks identical.


Shipping late December of what year?

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One thing that can be clarified about the new hardware is that the metal electrodes will give the ability for more precise/accurate measurements (and this is even addressed in the video for this product). Also, having those electrodes will help people to place their feet in the exact same spot more often for better consistency.

Because of how scales work in general and how constantly shifting weight causes continual fluctuations in measurement, the majority of scales on the market will vary a little depending on where you place your weight and how you shift around. Some will compensate this by basing their current measurement slightly off of your recent previous measurements so that you don’t get upset when you see slight differences each time you step on (I hated my past scales that did this just to pretend to be consistent). Others do other various things to make you think none of these things make a difference and that they are more “consistent” than others. A lot of scales will also cut off their readings to only even decimals and not odd decimals, just to help with this a little. I have tried many different kinds of scales, including smart scales, and most of them drove me crazy with these crazy games they play just because the majority of people don’t understand how all these things work.

It was actually Wyze’s original scale that became my first Wyze order because especially at these price ranges they were one of the only reliable smart scales that would simply tell me what they actually measured without a bunch of the things I strongly disliked in all the other scales I tested and researched. Then I learned about Wyze’s cams, and other stuff, and I got funneled into the whole ecosystem, but for me it all started with how I felt they did the scale right (and I LOVE IT).

This Scale S is designed even better in my opinion. I never use the heartrate function on my original Wyze Scale anyway, and with this S version having the metal electrodes, you’re sure to have more precise and consistent measurements in general, plus the baby/pet/luggage weighing feature? And somehow it’s cheaper too? I’d call this a slam dunk IMO.

I have never been disappointed in my Wyze scale. I tested it against all my other scales and got rid of all the others (yes, data nerd that I am, I even made spreadsheets and everything of all my research of differences and reviews and tests, and all sorts of things, and in the end, for me, Wyze Scale won, and it put the company on my radar and won me over to the company in general).

I respect everyone’s own personal opinions, but in my experience of trying to find a scale I could trust and like, the Wyze Scale is the only one I use now, and the thing that brought me into the Wyze ecosystem to start with, and my satisfaction with it brought me to the point where I bought well over 100 Wyze devices and all the subscriptions. That should speak for my opinion of what I thought of the scale and the company. And this new device is an improvement in every way including extra stuff except the heartbeat which I never use anyway (because I use a smartwatch/band which is way better for heartrate tracking anyway). That’s my $0.02.

That’s not to say there aren’t other great scales out there, there are. Especially other scales that are as much as 10 times the price or more. You can always get things that are better in some way. I was looking for the best scale I could find under $100 and preferably in the $50 range. Wyze Scale won this race for me out of all the other options I tried or looked into. If I have family or friends considering a smart scale I personally would push them toward this Wyze Scale S.


Having pet/baby feature only in the S scale seems more planned as a way to differentiate two similar extremely similar products than a difference in hardware. Both scales need the app so it could have been solved for both scales.

It is a calculation of 2 weight measurements needing a simple wizard to calculate the 2 stored recent weights (same ones you can export from the app)

  1. The app tells the user to step on scale and collects weight if there isn’t already a recent measure stored.
  2. App tells user to pick up pet and step back on scale.
  3. App performs basic subtraction of the 2 recent weights to show difference.

To be clear, I have no problem with holding features to only new hardware. I was never sold pet measurements on original scale so no expectation of getting it in the app. Just pointing out its not hardware limited.

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That’s what one would think, right? Unless there’s some magical feature that is able to detect when another body is held by your body and then do the math all in one step, this must be a totally software math feature that’s being intentionally left out of the previous scale. Which, fine, we’re dealing with a very low price point here so it’s hard to complain, it’s more of an academic question: How does the pet/baby mode work if not just basic math?

Looks like a nice scale but the lack of integration with MyFitnessPal and Garmin Connect, both of which I am a long-term user makes this of little interest to me.

Currently, the Wyze Scale S only integrates with Apple Health, Google Fit, Fitbit (owned by Google), and Wyze.

Why integrate with Fitbit which has less than 3% of the worldwide market share of the wearables market? And would be out of business by now if they were not bought by Google.

Garmin is the second-highest market share in the wearables market after Apple and at least 3 times the market share of Fitbit, yet Wyze chose not to integrate with the Garmin Connect website or app.

When will the Wyze Scale sync with either MyFitnessPal or Garmin Connect?

So no Samsung Health support on the “S”?


Any updates on Samsung Health support for the existing or new scales?

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I also use myfitness pal and enter my weight data manually every day, but doesn’t myfitness pal sync with google fit? If so, you could sync the scale to google fit and then then my fitness pal to google fit.

Yet another product release from Wyze and they still haven’t fixed the V2 and Pan camera pink flash issues or the strap rash issues caused when wearing the Wzye Band or Watch.

I ordered mine purely for the pet mode.

While I do not doubt that there are hardware differences between the original
WYZE Scale and the S model, nothing I have read in this feed seems to negate mostly software differences between both scales. At the risk of redundancy in the previous comments, I will simply state that simple math skills will suffice until WYZE realizes that they have served an injustice to those that paid more for the original scale.

BTW, my dog weighs 13.5 pounds. :sweat_smile: :rofl: :joy:


So I’d love to buy one, but after a year of saying Connecting to Samsung Health is “coming soon”, and you still don’t support it.

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Welcome to the community.

Myself and my family have bought scales from Wyze on the internet and none of us have regretted that choice. A person can find someone complaining about any product, even the best product in the world will have people complaining that it is not good quality (which doesn’t necessarily mean what is said is accurate).

Wyze has been in the scale market for a few years now. After reviewing and comparing well over a dozen others (I made a huge spreadsheet about all the similarities and differences, etc), I chose this one as being the best. It was the first product I ever purchased from Wyze and I haven’t regretted that.

Ever since then, the Wyze scale has had pretty rave reviews about being among the best scale options out there. I read a recent article fro CNN that independently compared several of the best smart scales on the market and they came to the same conclusion that I did 3+ years ago, declaring the Wyze scale as the best smart scale and the most accurate smart scale. Not to mention one of the most affordable. It was better and more accurate than scales that cost many times higher. Here is my review and summary of that article:

I am fully supportive of people having their own preferences, and I like people making sure there is continued competition, but a lot of independent tests and reviews have concluded that Wyze’s scales are among the best quality scales out there, and at a fraction of the price of most others because they operate on a single digit profit margin model of business as compared to most other companies that jack their prices up high and often still aren’t as good or accurate in unbiased testing.

In my experience, these are great scales (I have had and tested MANY), and I no longer waste my time with any of the others. But again, I am fully supportive of others doing their own tests and comparisons and even choosing what suits them for what they are looking for. I usually suggest to my family and loved ones that they’ll be hard pressed to find a smart scale to beat Wyze’s performance, accuracy, and cost…at least in my personal experience. Once Wyze proved itself with their awesome scale, I then bought their cameras and then almost everything else they offered. That Wyze scale was (for me) one of the best smart device purchases I made.

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Interesting read. Now try to connect to 3rd party software like they say you can.
In particular FITBIT. Some of us count on the network of Fitbit to communicate with our insurance providers, Wyze publicizes that these scales will sync to Fitbit, Unfortunately, I cannot make that happen.
Hope you all can achieve this task. I spent 2 weeks with Fitbit trouble tickets as well as Wyze trouble tickets to no avail.
Good Luck.

I am sorry to hear you are experiencing troubles syncing your data to Fitbit. I have never used Fitbit, so I have not tried to connect anything to Fitbit before and am fairly unfamiliar with it and haven’t kept up on whether others have had success or not with that. I hope that issue eventually gets resolved for you. Sorry to hear you haven’t had luck through trouble tickets with either company. That would be very frustrating

I have connected mine to other 3rd party software however as I do use Google Fit and my scales do connect to that 3rd party software well like they say. This makes it possible for me to have a continuation of my weight data from prior to when I started using Wyze and keep things going no matter which scale I use or switch to.