Wyze Scale - Hide the Digits (on scale and app)

I know this may not benefit some of you skinny minnies out there, but for some of us trying to lose weight but not the motivation by a number, It is also good to have for those that may have eating disorders.

My vision is simple: A toggle to blank out the numbers and let you know if it recorded just weight or everything and whether it was successful or not. The scale would also display a simple “OK” or some simple indicator.

This would allow us to review the numbers at the end of the month and view a broad chart of where we’ve been rather than being informed daily. There’s a benefit to knowing right away, but there’s a benefit to those that don’t weigh because they are anxious to still have the data.

Simple, but helpful.

-Other news: i lost 50lbs once and I would get on the scale twice a day to see how I was doing and how food affected me through the day. I obviously wanted to see the numbers in that case. I’ve been on both ends of the spectrum.

Second this. Would like to option to disable the display and only view on the app. This would help with any family members or guests with eating disorders. For now, we have to hide the scale. Not ideal.

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whoop whoop!! 50lbs is great! Now, here’s the real question. Are you incorporating any weight training into your lifestyle, or are you simply watching what you eat?

Numberless Option for Wyze Scale

I need to be able to take a “blind” weight of my child to report to her medical team, but having her see her weight won’t be helpful. I wish I could turn off the scale display so that there’s no indication of her weight outside of the app.

Thanks for your consideration.

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