Wyze Router Speed Test?

what happened to the speedtest function in wyze mesh router?

It was removed in favor of the Security Statistics.

Thank you. It would be nice if each was collapsible, and we could have both…

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Yes, that would be helpful to have both, but since internet speed and wireless speed are both easily measured through other means for accuracy comparisons, I am guessing they opted for security.

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Is having the speed test built into the wyze router a security risk? Google has it built into theirs, as does netgear? Sorry not understanding. Share a screen shot of the security stats page please.

Not sure if it was a security risk or just a feature they really didn’t need. :man_shrugging:

Haven’t had any malicious attacks this month, so not much to see.

Cool stats page – but not much details on those recent threads blocked – guessing you can click on and drill into them if you wanted to learn more (source IP, target IP, TCP port, etc.).

I like that the google home one does a daily speed test and shows you the history – useful for complaining to an ISP when you are paying for more than you get I suppose. Also makes you feel good when it says “your internet speed is blazing fast”.

Yes. There is additional data if selected, however those were some time ago and only show because there haven’t been any since then.