Wyze robot vacuum won't map the laundry room

My vacuum won’t map the laundry room. It’s the perfect room for the vac because there’s dust/lint on the floors and it’s linoleum flooring so should be an easy job right?

The room is a small narrow rectangular room. But it goes into the laundry room, then stops half way, then rotates, heads back into the entryway, then goes back into the laundry room, repeat 2-3 times, then heads out without mapping or vacuuming the room entirely.

Any suggests to get it to map this room?

Just updated to firmware 1.6.97.



Hello @vuong_n and welcome to the community

Are you using the quick map feature or letting it map while vacuuming?

I’m letting it map the room while vacuuming. My app 2.16.55 does not have the Quick Map feature. Pls correct me if I’m wrong.

I do believe the Quick Map feature is only in the beta app, I am not 100% sure as I do not have the vacuum. I suggested it because I had seen a report of a vacuum not grabbing a full room under the Quick map procedure due to its narrow size.

Letting it map while vacuuming I believe it should go in and run around the edge first.